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Looong list of 'ways to make money' : GW Submissions

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September 29th, 2006, 9:14 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Note: Virtually all of the 'ways to make money' don't break the A-Net EULA
[End User License Agreement].

Therefore, I don't have a problem sharing them with you - trading somebody 1009 gold instead of
1.9k doesn't go against my moral code. They should have checked what they were getting and it's
their bad luck. *Assumes honest expression* I advertised that Celestial Sigil, but I thought he
might like to buy a Family Sigil instead. He had a chance to look at it *cackles*.

:: Adventuring Scams ::

Getting Run:

If you want to be run NEVER group with those advertising. They are professional runners and will
actually be making sure you have the required gold and will ask for it at intervals. Instead
pick a random player, preferably a Warrior/Monk or a Warrior/Ranger, and whisper them. Say
something like: Can you plz run me to [location]. I can pay [standard fee + 10%].

Offering extra money is just to get them to agree - you're not actually going to have to pay. It
is still a good idea though to actually have the money, because they might ask to see it if the
run will cost over 2k.

If they ask when you will pay them, tell them that you will give 20% at the last stop/zone before
your destination and the rest on arrival. When you get to the town just leave the group and go
about your gaming life - you might want to block them.

Running Others:

Advertise your service! People are more likely to trust somebody saying - Running to [location],
have 2/4 - than a random who whispers them after they ask for a runner. When they join the group
tell them the other guy just ditched you but you can start right away.

Ask for 20% of the money RIGHT AFTER starting the run. People are funny. They'll refuse to pay
in town, thinking you might ditch them, but after starting they pay willingly. Take them the
longest route possible, asking another 20% per zone. They won't know that you're going the long
way, because they'll be sitting by the start of the zone doing nothing. Occasionally say stuff.

Scamming other people getting run:

Go along for the run and just as the actual runner asks for money open a trade window with one
of them. He'll pay you, because people don't really think to check who's actually trading them,
and you can try and get somebody else if you're quick.

Elite Skill Capturing:

Not exactly a scam but if you want a skill from a boss in a mission/quest group with some people
who want to do that mission/quest. Then you can reasonably ask them to 'kill the boss for a morale
boost' and leave once you get your skill.

Item Duplication:

You'll need to have Assassin as your primary or secondary for this scam. Get the skill 'Recall'
from any skill trader - Kaineng Center has it - and find somebody advertising an item for sale.
Ask them to come with you into an explorable area. Once you're out there back well away from
them and 'demonstrate'. To do this you'll need two IDENTICAL items. Greens work well and I
suggest getting Jin's Hornbow from Jin the Skull Bow in Sunqua Vale because it's easy to get.

Drop one of the items on the ground and wait for about 10 seconds. Then drop the second one
nearby. Magic, isn't it? Tell your 'friend' that he needs to drop and item and then type in
some codes - like emotes they start with '/'. He'll feel safe because you are too far away from
him to get it and drop an item. Tell him a REALLY LONG STRING OF MUMBO JUMBO! Make sure it sounds
official like '/sysop+[item type](22^387)+dplct^2'. He starts typing so his hands are away from
the mouse, you stop maintaining Recall and pick up his item!

Loot Stealing:

Impossible? Well, not exactly. Just very hard. Here are a couple of pointers that will give you
a better chance of stealing drops. Items are assigned to players and that assignment will end
after 5 minutes (I think). If you see a drop that nobody picks up ask for a rest. Move a fair way
away from the item though, so it looks like you are continuing with the mission. Tell them that
somebody is at the door etc. Set a timer for 5 minutes and go play Minesweeper.

At the end of a mission a box pops up with unclaimed loot. Don't do what 90% of people do and
mouse over items, hoping for something valuable. Just hit 'Accept All' and check it later. If
there was a lot of loot you may not have room in your inventory, in which case just click
everything as fast as possible.

If a player dies and there is loot for them DON'T resurrect them. This only really works if
it's just you and them, or you, them and non-healer henchies. Carry on with the quest/mission
and remember that there is a nice drop behind you!

Mission Farming:

Ok, not exactly a scam but still something to remember. There are certain builds designed to farm certain
mission bosses. However, most mission bosses are protected by hordes of squishy meatshields. So, in order
for you to get to your farming target you'll need to group with people planning to do the mission.

Look, Gold Chest:

The color of the item in the chest is randomized but once it has dropped an item all subsequent items
from that chest are the same color. You should drop a gold item as close to the chest as possible
and pick it up again, whilst spamming stuff like, 'OOOH', 'Nice one!', Gold chest people' and 'SWEET!'.
The point of the spam is to make sure that they don't see the message, [character] drops [item].
You also need to be careful that nobody picks up your dropped item, as it won't have an assignment
on it.

:: Trading Scams ::

I Drop, You Drop:

Yes, it is very old and works very well. Find a guy selling an item and agree on a price with him.
Don't agree too quickly, haggle as normal. Then when it comes time to accept his offer, hit
cancel. Say 'What happened?'. Repeat several times. When he's just about as frustrated as possible
ask him, 'Do you want to try this other method? A guy used it to trade with me earlier.'

If he agrees there are two ways to go about it. Either take the Assassin skill 'Recall' and use
it as described earlier or you can be sneaky. Recall is easier though, because you can back away
from him and even drop your item first.

You drop your item, he drops his and on your signal you both run towards the other person to
get the item you want. What actually happens on your signal is you pick up your item and stop
maintaining Recall, teleport to him and pick up his item.

1005, not 1.5k:

This is another incredibly old scam. Whenever you are bargaining with a prospective seller
ALWAYS talk in platinum not gold. Say 1.5k instead of 1500g. Then when it comes time to trade you
can put in 1 platinum and 5 gold pieces - it looks exactly like 1.5k but is much less.

10g, not 10k:

A bit harder to pull off, this relies on the seller being eager to sell and you being quite fast
at typing. When he submits his item, submit 10k. When he accepts you need to, very quickly, modify
your offer to 10g, re-submit and accept. If you can do it fast enough it will just look like a
flicker on his screen.

Bait and Switch:

Used by department stores all the time, the way this works is advertising one item for a low price
but then offering a 'special deal' if you buy another item as well. You won't be doing the exact
same thing but I call it 'Bait and Switch' anyway. You'll need two items that look the same, such
as Althea's Ashes and a Flame Unguent or the Barradin Family Urn. Advertise it for sale and when
somebody asks to buy it, do this:

Put Althea's Ashes in there along with a crappy item. Offer to let them buy the crappy item for
about 5 times what it's worth. They won't, so you have to switch it out. When you modify your
offer switch the two items that are identical and re-submit and accept immediately.

Buying Black Dye:

Well known, but included for completeness. Black Dye seems to drop in Pre-Searing far more reguarly
than in Post-Searing. So farm some gold and ask to buy Black Dye for 'double what it's worth,
because you really need to dye your armor'. Pay them about 150g.

Sell 'Perfect' Mods:

Ok, a +30 HP mod is worth a lot more than a +29 HP mod. People like to have perfect weapons and
they are willing to pay. +29 HP mods are a lot more common than +30 and you can usually sell
them as Perfect to somebody who doesn't know the difference. Even if he asks in General Chat
what a perfect mod is worth it is unlikely that he'll get told what it actually is (+30 not 29).

You can also do this for nearly max-damage weapons.

Pretend to be 'bugged':

You can pretend to be bugged in a trade, by closing the trade window at irregular times. Of course
you're going to have to let him see your item first, because you're going to be switching it out.
This still works, even with the new warning.

Tell him that you've heard of this bug and it auto-closes the trade window after 10 seconds. Then,
when he's putting his money in and desperately pressing accept, you can trade him any old rubbish,
such as an iron ingot.

Trade unidentified items:

It's very easy to determine what an unidentified item actually does. You equip it and watch your
health and energy bars. You then go cast some spells and keep watching your health/energy/cooldown
times. If it's a mod you want, then Identify and Expert Salvage. Otherwise sell it as, 'Unidentified
Item - could be ANYTHING!'.

The same goes for Runes. You can check what it actually is by comparing its shape, to the chart on

Help a friend:

You'll need a friend for this one. Get him to stand somewhere, advertising something for sale. MAKE
sure that he's selling it for well above what it's actually worth. Then you stand a good way away
from him, and say something like, 'WTB [friend's item here] for [what he's selling for + 50%].'
Some greedy person will buy from your friend, intending to sell to you. Then once your friend has
sold it, just say 'Sorry, I just got given one by a guild-mate'. Then split the profit.


If you mark up your items you can then pretend to be generous by offering him a '2 for 1' or a
discount once you start haggling. The best places to pull this are low-level missions. Starting
Zones don't work as well because they could be experienced players starting new characters. The
Great Northern Wall and Minister Cho's Estate are probably the best places.

Quest Items:

There are several quest items that are weapons which have perfect mods. With normal weapons you
would probably try to salvage the mod and sell it. However, you can't salvage quest items but you
can sell them. Sell them to players as a 'nice weapon with fantastic mod. I'll give you a discount
because you have to try to salvage it.'


I already mentioned Black Dye, but it's worth mentioning Gold and White Dye. White Dye DOESN'T exist
but you can achieve a pale, whitish color with a couple of silvers and a {blue?}. You can sell this
recipe to people for quite a lot of money.

Gold Dye, on the other hand, DOES exist. It's fairly valuable as it requires a couple of silvers and
an orange. However, you can cut out the orange for a yellow and only use one silver. Then sell it for
a decent profit.

Crystalline Skin:

The crystalline skin is incredibly rare and you probably won't ever see one BUT there is a low-level
sword you can get quite easily in Pre-Searing with the skin. It's a Long Sword and you get it from
Pitney as a quest reward after searching the Catacombs for his dead bird. You can sell it on Auction
Sites (where bidding forms a binding contract) for quite a bit.

Showing another customer:

With the introduction of the new 'Offer Modified' warning, trading the wrong item has become quite
harder. However, if you close the trade window, after showing them, you can claim that it was to
'show another customer'. Then substitute the fake item for the real one.

Extra Platinum:

This only works if trading in entire pieces of platinum. If you agree on 8k submit 9k. Then, when they
greedily accept say, 'Oops, wrong amount.' Quickly change it to 8g and re-submit and accept.


After you have successfully traded them an item quickly open up the trade window again and submit the
exact same item. This won't take more money, but it does have the bonus of getting rid of items for
gold. The best places to do this are: Kaineng Centre and Lions Arch.

Beg for Gold:

It works. Stand next to storage saying, 'Can somebody please lend me 23 gold for storage?' Especially
when there are friendly lvl 20's online you can often get a bonus as well. You can stand by a trader
and ask for gold to buy 'that item I really, really need.' Never use a rounded amount (20g) because
numbers like 41, 36 etc. make it seem like you've fallen just short of your target.

Another version of this is to beg for materials. Bear in mind that since materials are expensive you're
less likely to get them. You can usually get someone to give you a few wood planks or a steel ingot

:: Guild Scams ::

Leech items:

Join a guild and ask if anybody is able to give/sell you cheaply [item]. It's quite likely that you
will get offered it for free because most guilds have rules about item donation etc. Once you've got
it, leave the guild and join another. Repeat.

Another version of this item leeching is if you're the Guild Leader. Tell your new recruits that in
[Guild Name] you run a bank. To be a member of the guild you have to show that you are willing to
donate to the bank. Ask them for donations but DON'T PRESSURE THEM. They're far more likely to give
something really good if you say, 'Yeah, whatever you can afford, whether it's money or an item. Don't
worry, I keep track of who donates what.' Once you've got their stuff, kick them.

Recruit people:

Usually you can get people, especially in Pre-Searing and Shing Jea, to pay you the 100g fee. The people
you want are those who say, 'Can somebody invite me to a guild, PLEASE??' and keep spamming it because
nobody wants them. You don't want them either, just their gold. I once had somebody offer me 120g and a
Red Dye in pre-searing, if I'd invite them to my guild.

[Eight MS:Word pages and 2500 words]

September 30th, 2006, 12:23 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
I'm am very against scamming and the like. It just spoils what is a fun game.

However it's always useful to know what to look out for and as I've said before only the other person being greedy or lazy will make them fall for any scam.


September 30th, 2006, 8:39 am 
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September 30th, 2006, 10:20 am 
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/NAY for lame scammers. No real useful info here besides how to be an !@#$%^&*. thanks.

September 30th, 2006, 10:25 am 
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September 30th, 2006, 1:27 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked

I agree with the others; scamming is only done by people I would catagorize as low lifes

no evidence of c and p BUT if you were to expand each item from

with *coughs* personal experiernce or observances it would look like the above


September 30th, 2006, 1:38 pm 
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