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More FFF points : GW Submissions

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April 15th, 2008, 3:51 pm 
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Here is a little helpful hint for people that FFF on the luxon side leave from Breakers Hollow into Archipelgos in HARDMODE take the priest shrine it will cost 100g, kill first group usually 3 to 4 monsters then head into trail there will be pop up onis about 3 to 4 kill them. Talk to the Jade arena Guy take the quest follow him down to the convicted criminals (key spell here is FROZEN SOIL put it up out of harms way there is usally about 10 guys give or take over group is down take the reward you have vanquished about 14 guys or so at 10 factions points per kill and the extra 400 points for reward you are getting more for the FFF run.
The heroes I use are 2 SF ele's one with Frozen Soil
1 MM bomber
1 protect monk
1 healing monk
1 interrupt ranger
1 extra ele (Argo)

Total Factions points is roughly around 510-530 points in about 3 minutes or less after taking shrine bonus and reward a 50g gain, and in HM the criminals will sometime drop items

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April 15th, 2008, 4:59 pm 
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here is a little more info tho

I like Alliance Battle. However, if you get other teams on your side who have leavers or who break up into individuals and try to mob with other teams or such, you lose unless the other side is having worse problems. Anet greatly reduced the rewards fro ma lost Alliance Battle some time ago to discourage people from going AFK or leaching. This means you are not making faction progress unless you are winning (or are at least deep in Kurzick lands).

If you need faction for titles, Jade fragments, skills, etc., there is another way to earn faction: farming. I showed Jess a good route last night. Faction farming provides a guarenteed faction yield about as great as winning at AB at Saltspray Beach. It also provides gold fro mquest rewards, experience, loot, 6 chances for green drops each run and 3-5 Luxon chests (if you like treasure hunter title).

The route starts at Breaker Hollow. If you do not have that location on your map, leave Cavalon out the south entrance and follow the north wall west to Breaker Hollow.

You need 3 things before you leave Breaker Hollow:
100 gold (you will make 300 gold from quests alone, plus you get loot)
A party size of 8 including heroes and henchmen.
A ranger with Frozen Soil (either be a ranger, or have a hero ranger with FS deactivated and activate it manually)
Also, interrupts and/or an anti-AoE damage pressure healer help, as well.

Leave out the east exit of Breaker Hollow and get the blessing fro mthe Luxon priest.

Go to the supply master just southeast of the exit and get the Luxon Supply Lines quest.

Follow the south wall eastward to a path that leads up on to the island killing any monsters that get in your way. Danger: A group of Oni appear on the path, a group of Kurzicks appear on top of the hill and a group of Kurzicks appear near the start of the path on the jade. If you are not careful, you can aggro all 3 groups at once.

Follow the path across the top of the hill on the island and down into the Jade Arena. Get the quest "The Jade Arena" from Arena Master Portis.

Before entering the bottom of the arena, create a spirit of Frozen Soil that covers the entire battlefield, but is otherwise as far away from the Luxon crimminals as possible. All the crimminals have resurrection signets.

Enter the arena, kill the crimminals and collect the reward (400 faction) from Arena Master Portis.

Continue on the path out of the Jade Arena, killing any monsters that get in your way. Danger: after you exit the arena, a group of Kurzicks may appear to attack you. If you are not careful, you may wind up fighting 6-8 Kurzicks, 12 naga and 2 kappa all at once. Flag your party back at the top of the steps and try to pull the Kurzicks back if they appear.

Follow the path and turn left towards the bridge (not right towards the Jade Quarry). You will come up to a naga ritualist boss. Kill him. Danger: he and 2-3 other ritualists spam destruction spirits. (125 faction)

Drop the Luxon supplies at the fork in the path beside the naga huts. Turn right and follow that path to the Jade area with the rockhide dragon boss and several other dragons. Danger: this boss and his pals pack a heavy AoE damage punch. Interrupts, anti-AoE damage healing and the ritualist skill Shelter are helpful. Kill the boss. (125 faction)

Go back toi where you dropped the supplies, pick them up and take the left/northeast fork in the path. Follow the right wall until you come to a pond with a Naga monk boss. Kill the boss (125 faction)

Go northwest and take the path that leads out past the resurrection shrine. Follow the right wall until you come out on to the Jade. You will see a ship to your west with a scuttle fish monk boss. Kill the boss. (125 faction)

Go northwest and give the supplies to the quartermaster to collect the reward for Luxon Supply Lines (400 faction).

Go west by southwest until you come to the creeping carp ranger boss. Kill the boss (125 faction).

Go southwest towards the bridge you crossed near the jade quarry and the rockhide dragon boss. You will encounter a naga mesmer boss. Kill the boss (125 faction).

You are done. You should have killed about 120 enemies (600 faction). Your total yield should be about 2150 faction. Once you get used to the run, it should take about 50% longer than a typical alliance battle (not counting the mustering of a group or the waiting for entering battles). Multiple people are often slower than a single person because different people pause for different reasons. However, if you have a human group who is really competent, does not dawdle, is familiar with the run and pays attention, you can do it in just over 15 minutes.

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April 15th, 2008, 5:06 pm 
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LOL wow mine was a simple explaination in Hardmode and doing one thing you go and find a post with like 50 other options too LOL and the benfits of doing it in Hardmode I am not trying for premium I am
trying to let people find a super fast route with a little bit more than 400 Luxon points but thanks for you info though

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May 9th, 2008, 12:23 pm 
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Roger That Soldier.

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May 10th, 2008, 2:28 pm 
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