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pet lvling guide 5-15 in 1 hr xD : GW Submissions

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December 31st, 2006, 12:28 pm 
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This guide is for those who are in need of a DIRE pet quickly.

A DIRE pet is evolved when the pet does more damage than its owner. After the evolution, your pet will permanently have +15% base damage, but with a -60HP penalty.

Long story short:

Most of the animals found in the wild are lv5. With my guide you will be able to level it from 5~15 in ONE hour. The entire process is smooth, relaxing and does not involve intense killing (for your comfort).

The point is to make your pet get a lot of kills without dying. What will your pet be killing? YOU.

Core skills used:
Charm Animal - Without this, you cannot obtain a pet.
Winnowing - Make the pet do more damage.
Frenzy - Make the pet do a lot more damage to you.
Storm Chaser - Running faster is always good.

As long as you have 9 Expertise and put some in Marksmenship, you're fine. (Add Marksmenship because you will probably have to fight some monsters to GET to a wild animal)


1. Find an animal in the wild.
2. Use Charm Animal on the animal, cancel the skill before you finish casting. (Now the pet will be aggressive towards you)
3. Run to a nearest resurrection shrine.
4. Strip yourself naked by taking off ALL your armour.
5. Cast Winnowing.
6. Click on Frenzy (and keep it going)

With both Winnowing and Frenzy, the pet will do around 28~32 at level 5 and 36~50 at level 15.

After your pet kills you, it will try to run BACK to the place where you first found it. Therefore, immediately after you are revived at the shrine, run towards your pet and aggro it again.

After you have died 4 times, you will be burdened with -60% penalty, which is very very good.

Whenever you think the Winnowing spirit is about to die, cast another one. By the time you have -60% penalty, you will have exactly 8 SP. With 9 in Expertise, it will be exactly enough to cast frenzy AND Winnowing. By the time Frenzy runs out, you will have recovered exactly 5 SP (Without armour you will have TWO sp recovery) to re-cast Frenzy.

Here's the statistics on how many times your (near future) pet has to kill you to achieve the next level: (This was counted by myself)

Lv5~6: It achieves Lv6 by killing you 3 times.
Lv6~7: 5 times
Lv7~8: 6 times
Lv8~9: 7 times
Lv9~10: 12 times
Lv10~11: 13 times
Lv11~12: 16 times
Lv12~13: 17 times
Lv13~14: 21 times
Lv14~15: 30 times

The numbers might be scary but after getting -60% penalty, it will take only around 6 hits (or 10 seconds) for the pet to kill you.

After it has gotten to Lv15, you can choose to continue to level it up to 20, or you could run out of patience (like me). Make sure you PUT ON your armour before charming your Lv15 pet. Without your armour, you run the risk of getting killed as you cast Charm Animal (which takes a staggering 10seconds)

Note* It's better if you are Lv20 because the pet gains more experience by killing you.

More Tips:

Just outside Yak's Bend (to Traveler's Vale), you will find 2 Snow Wolves. (You'll have to kill around four Lv10 monsters, which should be a piece of cake if you're Lv15+)

In order to fasten the process even more, lead your pet a BIT past the resurrection shrine, so that when you revive, you will be exactly IN your pet's aggro zone. This saves you the time to run after the animal every time you die.


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December 31st, 2006, 4:27 pm 
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Or use you heroes for any charmable animal.

Take Koss with you. Unequip his weapons. equip the healing signet skill plus a hard res (re-usable).

The pet attacks you. Koss can't kill it because he has no attack weapons. When you die he resses you and starts again. the pet may attack Koss for a bit but he can heal himself and take a bit of punishment (note: he doesn't have a heal that can be used on anybody else or else he'll heal you.

#edit# oh and /Nay

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December 31st, 2006, 11:17 pm 
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from gameamp

h t t p : / / g u i l d w a r s . g a m e a m p . c o m / g u i d e / v i e w G u i d e / 2 5 1 1 . p h p

Author: sorajima

/nay for C & P

good tip kallick


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January 1st, 2007, 8:20 am 
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/nay...for the reasons above

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January 1st, 2007, 12:43 pm 
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and besides its death leveling which is done in the presearing all the time

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January 1st, 2007, 4:21 pm 
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jeez, are these submissions even serious? /NAY

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