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Pre-Searing Bandit Dye Farming (Levels 1-9) : GW Submissions

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August 30th, 2005, 5:09 pm 
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Alright, this is my first for GW's so please bare with me. First we will begin with the Class. I find Ele/Mo to be the most effective class combination however it could be done with the Monk primary and whichever secondary class you wished for also. I will give the guide as if it is a Ele/Mo though for quickest farming and levelling reasons.

To begin starting off as a Elementalist you quickly run through Ascalon and get all the quests you can. you can get away with getting one quest inparticular from Baron Egan though in Ascalon. Now, there are two quests you will be getting but you must NOT complete them for this guide to be the most effective and this is one of them. The quest is called *Bandit Raid* given by Baron Egan and you can get it right away in Ascalon. Go to the Merchant in town and buy a Flute for 4g and the cape for free. After you have gotten your quests move outside and talk to Gwen get her quest and quickly do the first Elementalist trainers quest of killing some Skales near the River and grab Gwen's broken flute right next to them. Return to Gwen and the Elementalist trainer. Hand Gwen the Broken Flute then the good Flute you bought for 4g and the cape and turn in the Elementalist quest by doing this for Gwen she will now periodically play her Flute while you are fighting and heal you for 20 HPs. Now run up the road to Ashford Abbey and do the Monk quest for Brother Menlho to become a Monk secondary. After you are done with this you will be heading back outside Ashford Abbey and running South then SouthWest into Wizard's Folley. continue along the road SWish until you get to Foible's Fair and the second Elementalist trainer Ralena Stormbringer. Grab the quest and exit back out into Wizard's Folly. Continue going South again along the road into the Snowy regions of the mountain all the way to the Tower with the Third Elementalist trainer Elementalist Aziure. Get the quest from her and be ready to fight off a few waves of mobs. After killing the mobs quite easily even at level 1 with Firestorm Move to the North/NorthWest of the tower and kill the Tower Golem then talk to Elementalist Aziure again to complete the second Elementalist trainers quest. Now Travel back to Ashford Abbey and out into Lakeside County where you will now head North hugging the Western boundary wall until you get to Green Hills County move up the road a short distance until you find the second Monk trainer, Grazden the Protector. He will give you a quest *Protection Prayer's* which is the second quest you do NOT want to complete and the very much needed skill for a Ele/Mo early on farming Bandit's called Shielding Hand's. Travel back to Ashford Abbey.

If you have followed my direction exactly until this point you have now spent 20 minutes until this point preparing to farm. You will now be level 2 which is actually probably too early to safely and easily farm what we'll be farming however it is definately able to be done as I normally start right at this point. Now by leaving the quests "Bandit Raid" and "Protection Prayer's" incompleted there is a group of 8 level 3 Bandits to farm ten seconds from Ashford Abbey ready to be killed. Now move into Lakeside County and head East along the road avoiding the annoying wolf then North East just before you reach the Merchant NPC and you will see a camp of 7 Bandit Blood Sworn and a named bandit Alain. You will then want to move into the camp pulling all 8 mobs and back out just a bit to get them to cluster. As soon as they are all on you immediately put on Shielding Hands and then Firestorm them. At early levels such as level 2 Firestorm will definately not kill the mobs in one storm so you will need to Flare each Mob a few times to help kill them. At the early stages like level 2 I focus on Alain and killing him ASAP. He hits hard compared to the other Bandit's. With Shielding hands the other Bandits will hit you for 0-1 points of dmg but Alain will still hit for like 6-8 points of dmg. When you reach level 4-5 and have a few points into Fire this really becomes too easy as you will move in aggroing them all then put on Shielding Hands then Firestorm them which will kill every one of them without you having to Flare any. At even later level's like level7 I don't believe you even need to put on Shielding Hands I am always playing it safe though so I do. After killing the mobs Travel to Ashford Abbey rinse and repeat. To make the farming the most effective I never bother with loot except to grab all the worn belts which are stackable, gold and dyes obviously. Never any white/blue items. After about 2.5 hours of doing this I am usually level 9 and the mobs are no longer giving experience. I have done this 5 times now out of boredom rerolling a Ele/Mo and every single time I have done it by the time I hit level 9 I have had 1 Black dye on every character I have done it with and atleast a dozen other assorted Dyes. After hitting level 9 I usually then go Post-Searing and Storage the dyes and gold I have which will usually be 1.5-2p just from selling the worn belts and the gold loot drops.

As stated earlier this can also be done with a Monk primary and any class secondary. It is not nearly as fast though but definately able to be done. The AE you will be using Symbol of Wrath though is on a fairly slow recharge timer and even at level 8 I need to use it twice to kill all the mobs. With a Monk I go balance between Smiting and Healing Prayers for the Healing Breeze spell which is the main thing keeping you alive. Basically same Strat though Aggroing all the mobs then AEing them when they are all on you. I usually then put on Healing Breeze then Shielding hands and refresh Healing Breeze and use a single target heal on myself as needed until Symbol of Wrath is refreshed then I will then use it again and that normally kills the mobs.

So on a last note. You spend 2-3 hours as a Ele/Mo (a bit longer as a Monk primary and any class you wish as secondary) to get to level 9, about 2p from gold drops and selling worn belts, and farm a dozen or so assorted dyes. For anyone who tries this I hope this guide helps you and you have as much luck with the dye drops as I have. Goodluck and have fun with it.

NOTE: Bandit Raid quest is completed by you grabbing the Ashford Strongbox you will see in the Bandit camp and delivering it to Devona. DON'T DO IT! By doing it 4 of the level 3 Bandit Blood Sworn's will no longer be spawning at the camp. By escorting Farrah Cappo in the the Shielding Hand's quest the bandit Alain and 3 of the level 3 Bandit Blood Sworn's will no longer spawn. Again DO NOT DO IT!!!!!

August 30th, 2005, 8:09 pm 
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Bandit farming for dyes has been preached sseveral times lately. All konw dye is esier to come by in pre but I have not found bandits to drop dye anymore than say river skale when you look at the total number killed/ Bandits do give more exp, but the river skale and be grouped and killed in bunches to actually increase amount of exp per time you go out (and are alot easier to kill)

Not premium worthy

August 31st, 2005, 11:19 pm 
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dye really isnt the cash cow it used to be anyway.

September 1st, 2005, 12:08 am 
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...and unfortunately, we have all seen this several times. Sorry to let you down, but no cigar!!

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