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Pre Searing Collector Armor Locations : GW Submissions

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February 18th, 2007, 10:19 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
This is a Location guide of all the collectors in Pre Searing:

-Catacombs near Necromancer Munne in the Ashford Abbey Enterance
-3 Skelatal Limbs
*Necromancer Gloves

-Catacombs in the green hills County
-5 Gargoyle Skulls
*Boots for all classes

-Fort Ranik
-5 Unnatrual Seeds
*Chest armor for all classes

-On the hill near the fields with all the worms outside ashford abbey
-3 Baked Husks
*Warrior Gloves
*Ranger and Mesmer Boots

-Near the Regent Valley enterance in Lakeside County
-3 Grawl Necklaces
*Ranger and Warrior Chest armor

-In the Fishing villiage in Wizards Folly
-3 enchanted lodestones
*Monk and Elementalists Hand armor

-Near the Rez shrine in front of Fobiles Fair in Wizards Folly
-3 Icy Lodestones
*Hand Armor for all classes

-Fort Ranik
-3 spider legs
*Leg armor for all classes

This for the PRE searing collectors only.
A map can be found at ... ectors.jpg

Leave any questions I will try to help you.

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February 18th, 2007, 5:12 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
might have missed a few

from: ... ectors.php

Name: Brownlow
Location: Outside of Ascalon City to the left.
Accepts: 5 Skale Fins.
Offers: Belt pouch (five inventory slots) and Devourer Egg.

Name: Jacobs
Location: On the road from Ascalon west to Ashford Abby. Near the Ashford Abby entrance, on the right.
Accepts: 3 Baked Husks.
Offers: Accursed Icon (+3 energy), Flame Artifact (+3 energy) and Healing Ankh (+3 energy).

Name: Walden
Location: South of Ashford on the right.
Accepts: 3 Unnatural Seeds.
Offers: Bone Staff (+3 energy, cold dmg 3-5), Truncheon (cold dmg 3-5), Scroll (+3 energy), Water Staff (+3 energy, Cold dmg 3-5), Battle Axe (Slashing dmg 5-10) and Ascalon Bow (Piercing dmg 7-10).

Name: Humphreys
Location: Inside Ashford Village
Accepts: 5 Worn Belts.
Offers: Belt pouch (five inventory slots), Inscribed Staff (+3 energy, Chaos dmg 3-5), Battle Axe (Slashing dmg 5-10), Holy Rod (Fire dmg 3-5), Crimson Carapace Shield (Armor 4) and Fire Wand (Fire dmg 3-5).

Name: Gwynn
Location: Just inside the entrance of the Catacombs
Accepts: 3 Skeletal Limbs.
Offers: Cane (Chaos dmg 3-5), Frost Artifact (+3 energy), Holy Staff (+3 energy, Fire dmg 3-5) and War Hammer. (Blunt dmg 8-10)

Name: Karleen
Location: Inside Catacombs at the gargoyles, near the Green Hills County entrance.
Accepts: 5 Gargoyle Skulls
Offers: Foot Armor

Name: Savich
Location: Outside Foible’s Fair, in the snow.
Accepts: 3 Icy Lodestones.
Offers: Gloves.

Name: Kaylee
Location: At the Regent Valley Portal.
Accepts: 3 Grawl Necklaces.
Offers: Jeweled chalice (+3 energy), Idol (+3 energy), Scroll (+3 energy) and Divine Symbol (+3 energy).

Name: Rownan
Location: South of Regent Valley entrance portal.
Accepts: 3 Dull Carapaces.
Offers: Devourer Egg, Grim Cesta (+3 energy), Storm Artifact (+3 energy), Smiting Staff (+3 energy, Light Dmg 3-5), Earth Wand (Earth dmg 3-5) and Ascalon Bow (Piercing dmg 7-10).

Name: Mindle
Location: In the fishing village in Wizard’s Folly.
Accepts: 3 Enchanted Lodestones.
Offers: Cane (Chaos dmg 3-5), Grim Cesta (+3 energy), War Hammer (Blung dmg 7-10), Ascalon Bow (Piercing dmg 7-10) and Gloves.

Name: Varis
Location: Inside Fort Ranik.
Accepts: 3 Spider Legs.
Offers: Leggings.

Name: Hatcher
Location: Inside Fort Ranik.
Accepts: 5 Unnatural Seeds.
Offers: Robes / Chest piece.


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February 19th, 2007, 10:58 am 
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Joined: July 30th, 2005, 7:10 pm
Cash on hand:

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pretty common knowledge...sorry but the guides we want here most likely won't be found on GuildWiki...

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