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Rune Guide : GW Submissions

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June 27th, 2005, 5:41 am 
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-Rune Guide-

Warrior Runes
Axe Mastery-
Minor-+1 to Axe Mastery
Major-+2 to Axe Mastery, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Axe Mastery, -75 health

Hammer Mastery-
Minor-+1 to Hammer Mastery
Major-+2 to Hammer Mastery, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Hammer Mastery, -75 health

Minor-+1 to Strength
Major-+2 to Strength, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Strength, -75 health

Minor-+1 to Swordsmanship
Major-+2 to Swordsmanship, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Swordsmanship, -75 health

Minor-+1 to Tactics
Major-+2 to Tactics, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Tactics, -75 health

Elementalist Runes
Air Magic-
Minor-+1 to Air Magic
Major-+2 to Air Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Air Magic, -75 health

Earth Magic-
Minor-+1 to Earth Magic
Major-+2 to Earth Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Earth Magic, -75 health

Water Magic-
Minor-+1 to Earth Magic
Major-+2 to Earth Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Earth Magic, -75 health

Fire Magic-
Minor-+1 to Fire Magic
Major-+2 to Fire Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Fire Magic, -75 health

Energy Storage-
Minor-+1 to Energy Storage
Major-+2 to Energy Storage, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Energy Storage, -75 health

Mesmer Runes
Domination Runes-
Minor-+1 to Domination
Major-+2 to Domination, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Domination, -75 health

Illusion Runes-
Minor-+1 to Illusion
Major-+2 to Illusion, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Illusion, -75 health

Fast Casting Runes-
Minor-+1 to Fast Casting
Major-+2 to Fast Casting, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Fast Casting, -75 health

Inspiration Runes-
Minor-+1 to Inspiration
Major-+2 to Inspiration, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Inspiration, -75 health

Ranger Runes
Wilderness Survival Runes-
Minor-+1 to Wilderness Survival
Major-+2 to Wilderness Survival, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Wilderness Survival, -75 health

Beast Mastery Runes-
Minor-+1 to Beast Mastery
Major-+2 to Beast Mastery, -50 health
Superior-+3 to axe mastery, -75 health

Marksmanship Runes-
Minor-+1 to Marksmanship
Major-+2 to Marksmanship, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Marksmanship, -75 health

Expertise Runes-
Minor-+1 to Expertise
Major-+2 to Expertise, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Expertise, -75 health

Monk Runes
Divine Favor Runes-
Minor-+1 to Divine Favor
Major-+2 to Divine Favor, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Divine Favor, -75 health

Healing Prayers Runes-
Minor-+1 to Healing Prayers
Major-+2 to Healing Prayers, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Healing Prayers, -75 health

Protection Prayers Runes-
Minor-+1 to Protection Prayers
Major-+2 to Protection Prayers, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Protection Prayers, -75 health

Smiting Prayers Runes-
Minor-+1 to Smiting Prayers
Major-+2 to Smiting Prayers, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Smiting Prayers, -75 health

Necromancer Runes
Blood Magic Runes-
Minor-+1 to Blood Magic
Major-+2 to Blood Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Blood Magic, -75 health

Death Magic Runes-
Minor-+1 to Death Magic
Major-+2 to Death Magic, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Death Magic, -75 health

Soul Reaping Runes-
Minor-+1 to Soul Reaping
Major-+2 to Soul Reaping, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Soul Reaping, -75 health

Curses Runes-
Minor-+1 to Curses
Major-+2 to Curses, -50 health
Superior-+3 to Curses, -75 health

Vigor Runes-
Minor-+30 to health
Major-+40 to health
Superior-+50 to health

This information was scraped up by me with the help of some fellow Guild Wars players. Thank you for helping and I hope everyone that uses this finds it helpful.

Remember-Runes can only be used by primary classes, vigor runes can be used by any class.
Ex. A Necro/Ranger cannot use ranger runes, only Necro and Vigor runes.

Also-Runes do not stack.
Ex. A Warrior/Monk does not benefit from 2 Swordsmanship runes. It doesn't matter if one is minor and another is major, etc.

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June 27th, 2005, 5:43 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Sorry about any mistakes you might find. I noticed a few, but can't find how to go back and fix them.

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June 27th, 2005, 5:46 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Pretty sure this is just kinda general knowledge type stuff... plus its freely avaliable information from all other fansites

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June 27th, 2005, 5:48 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
yeah, this information isn't really premium worthy... sorry man!

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June 27th, 2005, 5:56 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Ah well, didn't take much time to make anyways, just needed to get a little bit of info about the proffesions.

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June 27th, 2005, 5:56 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
I'll try again later

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