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running from lions arch to sanctum cay : GW Submissions

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March 11th, 2006, 11:21 pm 
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ok, so this is how I do it with my ranger/monk.
storm chaser
purge conditions
and healing breez
put 13 on wilderness survival, 5 on expertise, and the rest on healing

I recomend only using the running skills to lose mobs that you eventualy will agro.

starting in lions arch. out the gate and go north until you see the gate to the D'Alesio seaboard. from here you need to cast mending and go east up the little path through some mountains. you will pass some inferno imps. keep running and you will run throught a bunch of tengu. use dodge, storm chaser and escape to make it through them as quick as posible. keep running east until you get to the split where you would go right to get to the settelment, turn left and go through the portal.
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ok, from here go north, you will need to cast mending again. you will need to run through a bunch of etins but if you cast dodge they wont be a problem. keep running north. if you want to go to beetleton, keep running north and you will run right into it. otherwise, run nort past the first oportunity to turn right, and take the next one. this way you avoid a bunch of tengu who are a pain in the !@#$%^&* and replace them with a few bog skales. so once you pass through the hills, turn right and run untill the field reduces into a trail. if you are going to bergen hot springs, keep runnig south and you will hit a trail. turn left and you will see the portal to bergen. if you arent going here, you take the first left out of the pass. there will be a bunch of undead here. try to avoid them as much as posible. run across the field to the wall on the other side. now turn left and run along the wall past the first mob. they will cripple and poison you. once they do both, cast purg condition. cross to the other side and run through the portal
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ok, this part is hard. dont cast mending until you run east past the group of hell hounds and the horseman. they will do desicrate enchantment and it is a !@#$%^&*. ok once you get to a point where you can, cast mending and healing breez. try to do this as close to a the mobs as you can so healing breez doesnt run out. you will need to turn right around the first turn and then left around the one after that. you will run north past a damned clerk and eventualy through the portal. from here you are in the black curtain. basicly, run north to the wall on the other side. cast mending and hug this wall as far north as you can. run along the second path west from the temple of ages. once the path opens up, run west untill the split, take the path on the right. this will take you to the portal
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ok, now cast mending and run past the imps, dark things, and oakenheart.
you prettymuch just follow the path until you sell a path with a hill on one side and a fence on the left. there should be an oaken heart on the other side of the fence. you will need to run through a bunch of minotaur you will run east untill you cross a bridge keep running south and you will see another bridge after you run through a pass with 4 minotaur, take a right on this side of the bridge and you will run into the portal.
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now once again, cast mending and run east as far as you can, this section is really short but dont go along the beach because you will run into about a million bog skale. take the path on the right of the respawn thing and you will run into the portal. cast mending one last time, and run east and take the first left next to the bog skales and the grand drake. you will run past and oaken heart and come out at the beach. run east until the first chance to turn right , you will need to ditch the bog skale and drake that you agro here and run to the other side of the lake. cast heeling breez and run through all of the tengu and bog skales. as soon as you can cast heeling breez again because you are probably low on health again. run to the trail that is near the tip of the lake ( you will see what I mean) and run through that. cast heeling breez again and run past the drake, along the beach, and past the respawning thing. along that trail and you are at sanctum cay.
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March 12th, 2006, 6:17 am 
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Good, detailed guide, I'll give it a yay

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March 12th, 2006, 6:37 am 
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i remember making this run with my lv 13 warrior.......course all she had was : Sprint and Mending and full set of 15k but still very easy run

we all know what runs make $$$ this guide is only going to help a noob runner to forego their skills

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March 12th, 2006, 2:13 pm 
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1 yay need 2 more for premium.

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