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Solo FoW Guide! ( bet you thought it couldnt be done) : GW Submissions

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August 12th, 2005, 11:44 am 
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Ok this guide is going to show you how I soloed Fissure of Woe and got some uber drops. I was a Warrior/Monk though.

Just to give you an overview my stats looked a little something like this:
9+2 Axe Mastery, 11 Healing Prayers
1 Strength, 8 Tactics, 9 Smiting Prayers

Once you have these stats around there or so then you should get these skills.
Mending- While you maintain this "Enchantment", target ally gains health regeneration of +1-3.
Live Vicariously- While you maintain this "Enchantment", whenever target ally hits a foe, you gain 1-11 health.
Balthazar's Spirit- While you maintain this "Enchantment", target ally gains adrenaline and Energy after taking damage. (The amount of adrenaline gained increases depending on your rank in Smiting Prayers.)
Balthazar's Aura- For 10 seconds, foes adjacent to target ally take 10-22 holy damage each second.
Symbol Of Wrath- For 5 seconds, foes in this location take 8-27 Holy damage each second.
CycloneAxe- Perform a spinning axe attack striking for 4-10 more damage against all adjacent opponents.
Bonetti's Defense- For 5-10 seconds, you have a 75% chance to block incoming melee attacks. You gain 5 energy for each successful melee attack blocked. Bonetti's Defense ends if you use a skill.
Healing Signet- You gain 40-130 health. You have -40 armor while using this skill.
By the look of the skills you can pretty much tell what you are going to be doing bu just in case you can't here it is :
You are going to get into FoW alone (1 whole plat)
Set by putting Mending on, then Live Vicariously then right before you aggro Balthazar's Spirit( you want to cast blathazars last because you will have mana degen of -1. But, once you aggro and start getting hit you will regain the mana)
Here's a list on what to do.
1. Mending
2. Live Vicariously
3. Balthazar's Spirit
4. Cyclone Axe
5. Bonetti's Defense
6. Aura of Balthazar
7. Cyclone Axe
8. Bonneti's Defense
9. Symbol of Wrath
10. Rinse and Repeat until not needed

So you hit cyclone axe which heals you for 11 times X the people you hit.
Then Bonneti's to cut the damage and get mana waaay faster. Then nuke, Cyclone to heal Bonettis to cut dam. Symbol of wrath to nuke some more..Once again, Rinse and Repeat.
P.S. You can nuke more frequently if you like, i did it like that too be safe kinda like Mountain Trolls just waay harder :)Good luck Heres a screen shot of me about to die becasue i nuked to close together :) but i actually made it :shock:


Yeah the Ether dudes own but you just have kill em as quick as fast. Aura of Balthazar pretty much owns expecially cus they are undead. hope htis helps

*ok here is to answer all the questions!!!*
1. Wear Gladiators armor. less defense but only by a little bit and its +20 against physical damage.
2. Use a shield to boost ur defense, maybe use an offhand ahkn if you want but it will make make your defense even lower.
3. A for spiteful spirit just try and keep your health up as best you can.
4. Im not sure maybe i did get lucky but i can usually do it following this guide.

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August 12th, 2005, 1:44 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
So does this actually work? I guess it makes sense, but what about the ethreal breakers and such? I doubt you can kill them with this build.

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August 12th, 2005, 10:21 pm 
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so how do you get the 25 energy for bathazar's aura (aura of balthazar..=P)

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August 12th, 2005, 10:27 pm 
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uffda100 (!empty($user->lang['WROTE'])) ? $user->lang['WROTE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'WROTE'))):
so how do you get the 25 energy for bathazar's aura (aura of balthazar..=P)

That's what I'm wondering. I mean you could wear gladiator armor, and/or have a +6 energy item, but that takes away from your defense so you will take more damage.

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August 13th, 2005, 12:35 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
I've tried this a shitload of times now. And I have a few questions...

Number #1 - Are you using a shield with +16 armor? or an offhand energy item for enough energy to cast balthazars?

Number #2 - With the shadows casting spiteful spirit on you, how does the +11 health per hit with Cyclone Axe do any good if you take around 20 dmg from spiteful per swing? I realize by hitting more enemies, you get more health, but the max would be like 55 or 66. They do way too much dmg to heal yourself fast enough, even using bonettis, you can't recharge cyclone enough to hit them again and again to heal. Also, if you use healing signet, you lose so much armor, that they rape you anyway.

I request that you make a FRAPS video of a run of yours, and prove that you can do it solo. Until then, I don't believe with this build that you can do it. And please let me know about these questions, it's bugging me. :P

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August 13th, 2005, 3:00 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
you can solo fow with the uw monk build (me and my friends run it with mending) you just have to get lucky.. same with this build.. except the monk build can do more damage.. you can do the first area but not much farther and only if your lucky and dont get all your enchantments shattered

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