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The Ub3r W/MO Guide : GW Submissions

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August 26th, 2005, 7:07 pm 
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Out of all 7 characters i have made throught my 2 accouts, This character is the best
My very own W/MO
Here is hwo you make an undeafeatable one...
First of all, i want to earn some cash, and a W/MO always does the job in running
So Start out with A Warrior, and do the secondary type of character skill...
pick a Monk
So now your a W/MO
Then i suggest you Level Like all normal people do by killing stuff in ascalon, or if you wanna level a tad faster, get a run to piken square, grab some henchies, and fight(i suggest standing back and let the henchmen get the job done) Once your about lvl 6 you should go to a collector and find an item that looks good for you, depending on what type of character you want, ill say hammer, then get a hammer, (well ofcourse)
So then id say put 2 skills on hammer mastery, do the quest to get the sprint command, and do the northern wall,m and other such missions of those until you accomplish the task of becoming level 8, once level 8, id say get a run to yaks,and then beacons...
then just go quest hunting(that means do a load of quests) until your level 10, then go to the ascalon arena but first buy the following skills from the skills sellers throughout all the towns you have

power attack
healing signet
orision of healing
mighty blow
unyielding aura
and Zealots fire

Also, you need to buy Full Ascalon Armor(dont ask me how to get the materials+cash, Comon your not a noob are you?)
then fight in the arena, and OWN EVERYONE UNTIL YOU LEVEL
and by the way, within the next 2 days you will gain more faction than normal, since its the pvp extreme weekends...
so once you level, i recommend you go to do the kryta missions and also do the borlis pass, and the frost gate mission, it gets you good exp, +skill points, heh...
so then get a run to droknars forge, hook yourself up with soem henchmen, and kill stuff XD
youll get an average of 78 xp per kill, do that until lvl 14, once level 14, i recommend getting a run to lions arch and then do the hands free exploit
witch you can find in the confirmed exploits section...
sleep with that going over night and youll be level 19, then complete every other mission beat alot of bosses get to perdition rock take away the power attack skill, and replace it with the charge skill.
then once you beat all those bosses your a level 20, you have sprint, and charge, and you can run people since you have all the important places youll need, until you get them all, such as iron mines, copperhammer, ect., you can do yaks to beacons runs, piken to grewndich grendich to yaks, ect.
i really hop you enjoyed reading this guide and it works for you, because it sure worked for me

this guide was going to be private and never posted, but since i found out about your premium membership, i posted it, and im doign it just for the premium membbership also


JAke Rayfiel

August 26th, 2005, 7:45 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
This is a very weak guide. Doesnt really say anything except run here to there and make money. Well duh.

That is very well known way of making $$ and to level dont use the arena, that is time consuming. To level just kill and do quest, you will be leve l20 in no time.

As for the guide on running, NO MAPS, NO DESCRIPTION on when to use skills, very, very weak.

Recommend locking thread.

dante karivinov
August 26th, 2005, 9:46 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
lol the guide is pretty much common sense. Helle13 is probably just his friend tryin to help him get a premium

August 26th, 2005, 9:50 pm 
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dude i dont know this guy at all....

August 26th, 2005, 10:23 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Don't be rude. I will see what others say about the guide. Personally I feel its pretty weak.

August 26th, 2005, 11:31 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
yea.. this is weak. no offense but its not even much of a guide.. just kinda some helpful suggestions listed in a sort of story?

thumbs down.

August 27th, 2005, 9:44 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
dude, guys dont make him feel bad, all hes doing is trying to help, so just dont sya it in his freaking face, i think that maybe you should read his other post about some exploit that is aw about him, i he posted an exploit of his and a guide, go try out the exploit and see how you think about it, works 4 me, and im suprised nobody has posted it yet as he said also

August 27th, 2005, 10:09 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Doesn't matter, jake was banned. Topic is locked.

August 27th, 2005, 10:18 am 
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helle13 is a bad account haha his other account was jakerayfiel. IP and account blocked either it was hacked or taken control of eitherway his account is gone so his posts are not valid.

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