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The Ultimate Solo Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : GW Submissions

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May 14th, 2007, 6:32 pm 
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Why This Build?
With this build you can farm solo at some of the best spots in the game. You can farm 15 level 23 trolls outside of Droknar’s Forge by yourself. You can even farm the underworld by yourself. For this build you simply do the following:
Getting Started
Make a Monk character; secondary class does not matter
Get to level 20 (recommended to get to level 16 or so then ascend to get to 20)
Go to a city with a rune trader
Buy the following armor runes: 2 Superior Runes of Smiting, 1 superior rune of divine favor, 1 superior rune of healing, 1 superior rune of protection. Then do a simple quest in Ascalon city for Symon the Scribe and get the -50hp grim cesta or buy it from another player. They are constantly being sold in Droknar's Forge. Your health should be 55.
Once you’ve got the runes get the following skills: Protective Spirit, Mending, Healing Breeze, Shield of Judgment (Known as SOJ), Balthazar's Aura, Balthazar's Spirit, Essence Bond, and Blessed Signet
(These skills can be gotten form skill trainers in Tyria except SOJ which can be found in Mineral Springs.)
How to Farm
Now you are ready to farm. A good spot to start is north outside of Droknar’s Forge. From this point on EVERY spell you cast will be on yourself. When you first enter the area, use Mending, Essence Bond, and Balthazar’s Spirit. Use blessed signet to get your energy back up. Use protective spirit and run to the cave west of your position. If there are large amounts of enemies are in your way use healing breeze too. Once you enter the cave shake all chasers from outside by going into the cave. You should see a large mass of trolls near you. Use protective spirit and healing breeze and run in. They should all attack you. Do not worry they won’t kill you as long as protective spirit and healing breeze last. (Their cooldown is far shorter than their duration so you can chain them.) Once all of the trolls are attacking you use shield of judgment. When it runs out wait for it to cooldown and use it again. The trolls that survive will die after you use Balthazar’s Aura. Congratulations you just completely owned at least ten mountain trolls by yourself.
Extra Notes
• This build will not work in PvP or areas with hp degeneration users.
• You won’t be able to kill bosses unless you have 5 minutes.
• Using Balthazar’s Aura will cause enemies to scatter; remember it because it could save you.
• It is possible to kill the Avicara outside of the troll cave but their drops are not worth it.
This guide may only be submitted by users with the account name Undead Channellor or Thatgamerguy. ©Undead Channellor/Thatgamerguy/Gerard Gully

Hope that gets me premium Membership!

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May 14th, 2007, 11:03 pm 
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There are better 55 Monk farming builds out there...and I believe mending is used rarely these days. Even if the build weren't based off of a popular build I wouldn't vote for it for the simple fact that you don't include how you distribute your attribute points.

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May 30th, 2007, 3:28 pm 
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not a bad variation but there are others that are free based builds on guru...and used to be on wiki


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