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W/Mo Farming guide : GW Submissions

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September 3rd, 2005, 8:35 pm 
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My W/Mo griffon farming


1.Bonetti's Defense
2.Cyclone Axe
3.Vigorous Spirit
4.Live Vicariously
5.Healing Hands
6.Zealot's Fire
7.Symbol of Wrath/Balthazar's Aura(depends if you are wearing gladiators or not, or if you are a cheap bish like me who carries an ankh in your F2 slot)


Strength:4(2+2 from helmet and a rune)
Axe Mastery:4(3+1 from a rune)
Tactics:9(8+1 from a rune)

These attributes dont have to be set up exactly like this, but you need healing high enough that it negates/heals over the griffons hits. Smiting has to high also as thats your major form of damage. I set my tactics to 9 so I could use my shield. The strength and axe mastery really dont serve any purpose, but if you want you can take those points out and put it in tactics (if thats possible, Im not using a stat calculator.)

Exit out of Augury in Prophet's Path. Precast Mending and run SW past the devourers and minotaurs. There should be a reasonably wide clearing with a few groups of minotaur and griffons. There are also devourers but you won't be able to see them as they hide underground. There are two boss spawn points, and either a monk or a warrior griffon will spawn. DO NOT BOTHER TRYING TO KILL THE MONK GRIFFON. It takes far too long, that could also be said for the warrior griffon if you arent bringing balths aura.

Round up a large group of Griffon/minotaur(I usually have about 15-20 griffons, and about 5 minotaur following me). Use Healing Hands to offset the innitial barrage of claws trying rip you to shreds, cast vigorous spirit, follow up with a cyclone axe, which should give you the necessary adreneline to use bonettis defense to regain all your energy. As bonetti's defense is close to cooling down, begin casting Live vicariously(wont cancel bonetti's until its finished). Again, Follow this up with Cyclone axe for adreneline to use bonetti's. Do the same thing, but this time instead of Live Vicariously, use Zealot's Fire. From here on you can alternate between cyclone axe and Bonettis until your Vigorous Spirit runs out, which you can then cast healing hands and recast Spirit, and possibly use Symbol/Aura if you still have the energy.

Repeat until you have your own small graveyard of griffons which you can then pawn there wings off for small gold, rip bags of gold and dye out of their intestines, take the weapons excreted out their anus, which you can then take to dist 1 AC/LA/DF and sell for a pretty penny depending on the quality.

Also a tengu farming guide

Mo/ Elementalist (my preference)

1)Shielding Hands
2)Reversal of Fortune
3)Symbol of Wrath
4)Shield of Judgment
5)Zealot's Fire
6)Blessed Aura
7)Balthazar's Spirit
8)Essence Bond

Attributes - Just concentrate on Divine Favor, Protection, and Smiting. Add some superior runes in and you should have about 11-13 in each attribute.

Start off by putting all 3 enchants on you. In the beginning with the Mergoyles, start off with Zealot's Fire and Shielding Hands. Try to run in when they are bunched up together. Then get up Shield of Judgment and Symbol of Wrath. Spam Reversal to keep yourself healed and do damage from Zealot's Fire. Mergoyles tend to run away sometimes, so stand right next to them and cast Reversal until they die. Then move on to the Tengu and do the same thing, except it's easier.

The point is to keep the enemy's attacks slow enough so that you don't die too fast. Shielding Hands and Shield of Judgment really save your !@#$%^&* here. If you can get those up in time, then Zealot's and the rest will kill the Tengu off.

September 4th, 2005, 1:29 pm 
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This is like number ten or more on griffin and tengu farming with the exact setup. Find something new and better . Not recommended

September 4th, 2005, 6:04 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked


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