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W/Mo guide with farming areas and pvp strategy : GW Submissions

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August 31st, 2005, 2:35 am 
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Now, unlike most W/Mo builds that are out there, rather than using healing on this build I like to use protection. My theory is, why take damage and heal it, when you don’t have to take damage at all!? And this is where protection comes in.

In this guide I will describe my build and how to use it in pvp and variations that can be made according to what you are doing, and then I will go on to describe some farming areas and the changes that can be made for them.

So, this warrior monk uses the following 8 skills
Sever artery
Galrath slash
Final Thrust
Vital Blessing
Shielding Hands
Mark of Protection

It has the following attribute lines
Protection Prayers - 10
Strength - 8 +1 from minor rune
Swordsmanship 12 +4 from helm and superior rune
Tactics - 2 +1 from minor rune

I use 15k ascalon armour. This is because it reduces damage from attacks, which is very useful in one of the farming runes I will describe as the enemy end up hitting 0's!

A superior absorption rune would come in even more handy, but thus far I haven’t got one.

I have a plain boring eternal shield which requires 9 strength and I have a gold barbed Fellblade of fortitude with +20hp and +13% damage on hexed foes.

Now I usually use the skills described above while going about normal routine. Whenever I enter an area I ALWAYS cast vital blessing to get my health up to 670ish. Immediately when I engage and enemy I cast shielding hands. This usually guarantees I don’t lose any damage for a good 10 seconds. I always cast sever artery first and then always follow it with gash. This ensures that they are losing health constantly, making them an easier foe. One thing that always makes me smile is that when you use gash, the next hit that you do, although it may only be 20 damage, your opponents health bar drops massively. I then follow these 2 skills with galrath slash. If their health is below 50% then I use final thrust, but if not I wait until I have enough energy to use galrath slash again. If this takes long enough for bleeding to end then I use sever artery again.

One thing to note about using sever artery and gash is that not everything bleeds. When this is the case I stop using those 2 skills as they will use up adrenaline which means it takes longer for galrath and final thrust to charge.

When shielding hands has finished I let myself take some damage, about 50%, I then cast mark of protection. This skill takes any form of damage done to you and heals you for that amount. This basically means for 10 seconds you cannot take any damage at all. It heals up to 45ish but this means you can take 90 damage and still not lose health.

If doing a guild battle I keep my build as it is. Making sure that I use sprint to catch those annoying monks that think they can avoid me by running around.

The same goes for competition arenas and team arenas.

In tombs I tend have a choice of 3 things. Keep my build as it is, or sacrifice sprint in favour of a choice of 2 different skills which make fighting the unworthy army easier. The choice of skills is either:

Pure Strike - cannot be evaded, helps when ward against melee is down.
Warriors Cunning - none of my attacks can be evaded for 9 seconds, again helps with ward against melee.

I have 2 main farming areas. One is divinity coast, which is slightly longer, the other is riverside.

Divinity Coast
Here I use my normal build to farm drakes. I enter the mission on my own (remembering to cast vital blessing) and follow the mission. You can choose to fight all the NPC's on the way to getting the eye or you can use sprint to get past them. Sadly when cleansing yourself you will have to fight the 3 NPC's there. The annoying thing about this is the abbot up there heals them. At first I though he was just using heal area, but then I noticed he actually casts spells directly at them. This can be very frustrating. Once you have been cleansed and have the eye make sure you pick up the chosen villager. All of the villagers are very handy tanks as they have a huge amount of health and have healing signet. This can be helpful if you are in a tight spot.

Follow the path towards the huts and you will have to kill the fire imps around here. Just follow the same pattern as above and you should be fine. If you find yourself in a tight spot run backwards and the imps will start to attack the villager, giving you time to heal up. When these are dead follow the path as it swings round to the left. At the end of this bend, before the bridge, there is a gap in the hill beside you on your right, leading down to the river. Go through this gap and you will be faced by 2 drakes.

As long as you face 2 drakes at a time this is a very easy run. Any more and you might start to struggle. Again if you start to die run back and the villager can take some hits. When these two are dead follow the river to the right. There are normally 2 or 4 drakes in this direction. Once you have killed those turn around and follow the river in the other direction, under the bridge. Open the chest, it doesn’t usually give much, but a few items are always handy.

Down this part of the river there are usually 2 drakes and 2 grand drakes. The grand drakes can be harder but still defeat able. If the other two normal drakes turn up I tend to struggle. If this happens you know the drill, go back and let the villager take the hits.

When these are dead you are done.

Here I change my build slightly to farm hill giants. Occasionally I get 2 gold giants boots on this run which can be very useful.

In this build I remove vital blessing and replace it with balanced stance. I don’t change my attribute points around as I find 3 tactics is long enough.

Here I enter the mission alone again and run straight across the space in front of me, using sprint to get past the people patrolling. When you reach the other side of the space you will find a tunnel. Make sure your sprint is charged at this point and use it as soon as you enter the tunnel. This is because here are some undead on the other side who come running towards you. They can be very annoying if they block you in the tunnel. When you are past them use sprint again to lose them, but hug the right hands wall.

On your left should be a tower and in front of you should be a gate guarded by a horde of white mantle. You should be on a cliff, inch towards the tower but make sure you don’t agro any of the white mantle. When you get close enough the tower will sound an alarm and the white mantle guarding the gate will run to the tower. You can slip past them while they do this.

Once through the gate head to your right and you should go down a hill and along a natural alleyway. Follow this path, sprinting whenever nightmares appear, until there is a gap in the wall on your left. Go through this gap and there should be 3 white mantle ahead of you talking about a bone dragon. Got towards them and sprint straight past them, through the gate. Keep going straight until the area opens up and some undead come running towards you from the right. Use sprint here again and go straight ahead and swing round to the left, keeping the tower to you right. Keep sprinting until you lose the undead and the white mantle. By now you should have arrived at the hill giants. If not keeping going forwards until you can see them using CTRL.

Hill giants come in pairs. If they are in a group, try to lure one and the other should come with him. As they are running towards me I cast shielding hands and then attack them. I try to get in a hit with my sword before casting balanced stance, as it takes them time to charge their blow. Use the same basic tactics to kill these as before, suing balanced stance whenever you use shielding hands. If you get into trouble simply run away as these guys don’t tend to follow you far.

There are usually 8-10 giants for you to kill here and they usually drop white, blue, purple and gold giants boots which can be salvaged for runes.

August 31st, 2005, 5:01 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
The farming of drakes and hill giants is about as old as it gets, especially in these areas, which are nerfed so you cant just keep killing them without alternating in between other areas first. As for the W/MO build, they are a dime a dozen on what build is any better than the other. We have ten or twenty submissions about various builds, including W/MO and the all wonderful MO/W. Sorry try again.

September 1st, 2005, 12:05 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Greybok's making it easy on me. I don't even have to tell people why their submission is denied anymore, just have to go...


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