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JITBIT Powerleveing Diablo Macro setup : Diablo 3 Bots | Diablo 3 Hacks

Posted: July 29th, 2012, 7:33 am

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Okay i will tell you exactly what to do

1. Download the Trial of JitBit, (rolling back your PC clock will give you unlimited Usage of this program)
2. Open 2 Diablo Clients in window mode,
3. Put them side by side
4. Download a Window Renamer Rename one window to "DiabloLeft" , Other "DiabloRight", Corrisponding to your diablo Clients

5. Open Jit Bit Hover the icon over untill you see Windows Commands (Resize Move Windows)
A. Get the First Window , and Save
B. Get the 2nd Window , And Save
(Now your window Positions are setup for you and will always stay in the spots you setup them up)

6. Next Press the Tab special Record(Record at end)
7. Play through the game killing Diablo
A. Invite your leecher/leechers
B. Change Quest (Enter The Arch)(Make sure you have the Change Quest {Ok} programed into the recording)
C. Resume Game,
D. Click Portal Pad, Take Pinnacle WP,
E Walk to Portal Doorway, Click Accept on MAIN, DECLINE on leechers, OKAY to continue on MAIN
1. Walk up to Diablo ESC cut scene, Spam your attack(Diablo almost always has the same pathing)
2. 2nd Phase ESC cut scene, kill diablo down
3. 3rd phase ESC cut scene, kill diablo down
4. Dont ESC the last cut scene after diablo is down killed and destroyed
A once this cutscene is over, now ESC the Game with the MAIN,
B ESC the game with the LEECHERS,
*** Wait 10 seconds before you end your macro ****

Stop the macro
Play the macro and it will be 100% consistant through each run this is because where you portal to, and move, is always the same locations, , also diablo almost always takes the same attacking pathing,

so bascially all you are doing is Recording from start to finish inviting your tooons and killing diablo and exiting

Then you can run this all night long and level all of your toons with ease,

****The Reason i cannot provide a compiled macro is because my timming that i kill diablo is differant from yours, i have 75K dmg ***

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