Diablo 3 Hacks | D3 Hacks
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Diablo 3 Hacks | D3 Hacks

Diablo 3 Hacks | D3 HacksIf you are going to hack in diablo 3 you are going to use a few different types of hacks in the game.  Here is a list of all the games hacks and how they are used.

The first major diablo 3 hack is going to be a diablo 3 god mode hack.  Now the likely hood of this hack working for long is not very likely but after a major patch or a new release for diablo 3 you will have a few people that find ways to bug the game with a program and gain invincibility.  The hacks are normally done by finding an error in the code and exploiting that.  Maybe when you log on for the first few seconds you are invincible and you get the game to believe you are in a state of constantly logging on.  Or there is an item that makes you unstoppable for a few minutes and you use a program that makes this item limitless on the time period it can be used.  While these hacks are very rare they are out there.

Next you are looking at a diablo 3 speed hack.  With these hacks you are going to be moving faster than ever before.  In diablo 3 there is an offset for your characters speed.   Basically it tells the game how fast you can move.  Maybe its set to a value of one and can go all the way up too level 10.  Well if you hack the games offsets you can set it to be 15 or higher.  Lots of people will set it to level 11 at the end of the game.  Because doing this will make it nearly impossible to tell if you are hacking but you can still catch anyone running away from you in the game.

Thirdly is a diablo 3 teleportation hack.  This hack will allow you to instantly move around the game world.  Imagine having the teleportation that a sorcerer has but instead of having a small range on it, you have the ability to anywhere.  So you could instantly move from the start of act one all the way to end of act one by just putting in a few keystrokes.  Or maybe you want to do some end game farming of bosses.  Well then just plug in the hacks cords and you will be automatically moved to the bosses you want to kill.

Now some players want the following 2 hacks but they do not exist so be forewarned.  The first would be a diablo 3 leveling hack.  This hack people make you believe you can just input some information to instantly change your in games level.  Now while you will be able to do this in a single player game easily, doing this in a online game will be nearly impossible because the game will check for changes like that.  So at the very least if you managed to even get this hack to work you would be banned almost instantly because the server would detect you.

The final hack is a Diablo 3 Gold Hack.  These hacks as well don’t exist.  Reason being is just like a leveling hack they are instantly detectable.  You would be injecting information to the server and the game would notice this right away.  Then the server would crash you out of the system and ban you right away.  So be careful when it comes to people claiming to have a leveling or gold hack.  Both of those wont work for online games but will work in single player games.

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