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Diablo 3 Dupes | D3 Dupes

Diablo 3 dupes are mainly 2 different types of dupes.

The first is going to be a diablo 3 gold dupe. These are going to be dupes that will give you extra gold. So maybe you find a way to bug out a server and force it to crash. Then when you log back in the game gives you the gold you originally had and the gold you had dropped on the ground. While this is a very basic type of dupe it works very well in the game.

The second type is going to be a diablo 3 item dupe. This is consider far more valuable than gold because if you can dupe the end game items you can make a killing both real world and in game. Most item dupes are done by bugging out trades or using different vendors. Maybe you buy an item crash the server then sell it and crash the server again. This has the potential to dupe an item.

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