Diablo 3 Mods | D3 Mods
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Diablo 3 Mods | D3 Mods

Tired of the same old looks in diablo 3? Well then maybe its time for you to upgrade to using diablo 3 mobs in the game. Diablo 3 mods are mainly things that change the overall games appearance

The first type of mod is going to be one that affects the looks of your personal character. These looks are going to be only on your side but they are fun to have. So for example lets say you are playing as a diablo 3 barbarian but you want a different change in looks. Well you can set your character to actually look like diablo himself. Its pretty awesome when you are going around fighting in the game and you have the looks of the lord of terror. While other players cant see this, you can still see it and thats what makes it fun.

Another type of d3 mod would be one that changes the looks of different items in the game. So maybe you want your armor to look like something more along the lines of world of warcraft. Well with a few simple edits you can now have your armor look like some tier 10 armor in the game if you want. So when you are running around it would look totally like that with even the fun effects of having a full tier set on.

Finally another major one would be to change how other players look. So lets say you want to have something a little funnier in the game. Well you can change it so all character are nude in the game. So if you are playing with a female wizard she will be totally in the buff now with this diablo 3 nude mod. While others once again cant see this its something you can enjoy watching in the game.

There are going to be 1000s of diablo 3 mods released in the game so you are sure to find something you enjoy in the game. Be sure to as well keep sharing different mods you find because the more people share the more interest of people creating cool ones you can enjoy.

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