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immortal bot + Macro XP decent explained : Diablo 3 Nerfed Info

Posted: July 21st, 2012, 8:46 pm

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I have this down to about a little less than 2 min

Its not meant to be super fast XP just consistent easy not to sketchy with all the recent bans.. you can get this faster if you so please

I use Easy Macro maker or Macro Scheduler
(And immortal bot, but you can probably script this with either one of these Macro programs)

1. Immortal bot, Use Portals, Use Way-points, Quest, Prime evil The Crystal Arch) timer 10 mins)
2. set wp to pinnacle

Skills SS, Scramble, Prep, Focused Mind, Bat Companion, LM(Hungering arrow) RM(Elemental Arrow Nether)
Passive, Sharp Shooter, Hot Pursuit, Acrobat,

Dmg 75k MS 12% ( My resist is like 600)

1. Two Diablo Clients Side by side,
2. I like using macro recorders but using Cords, and scripts will make it easier to change if you mess up)
3. Start your macro recorder
A. Invite you leecher, Accept the leecher Invite, Change Quest:Enter The crystal Arch, Okay , Resume Game
B. once both are loaded in Press F3 Key starts immortal Takes WP to Arch
C. pres Smoke Screen one time, once the boss accept is up Turn off Immortal Bot F3
D. Accept, Main, Accept on Leecher.
E. click back to main screen F3 Start Immortal, Use SS all the way up to Diablo
F. once cinematic starts Turn off Immortal F3
************* Now all you have to do is hold down shift and keep hitting your right or left mouse button and pwned diablo for all three phases, if you hit it fast enough you can skip phase two completly it will cinematic and just pop you back to phase 3 *************** ( ESC through cinematics)

NOTE this is all being recorded in your macro program

in the third phase sometimes your lowbie will go down for the count, so right when diablo goes down to DESTROY DIABLO press F3 count to 5 Press F3 AGAIN this will res your leecher, make sure to click on the leecher screen where it would be to accept the REZ

Now continue to kill off diablo

Finally Do not talk to anyone it will auto complete, Now Exit the game on the Main, Wait till he exits then Exit the game on the leecher

Stop recording,

Play back and you should be good ... I know this seems very complicated but it works great been running it for 4 hours now

Always time your next action for possible Lag it will help keep the macro running smooth

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Posted: November 9th, 2012, 7:45 am

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Is it immortal bot down forever? I had immortal bot, but it doesn't update anymore since 1.0.3

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Posted: November 9th, 2012, 11:02 am

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Yea i think it is. Moving this to nerfed.

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