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D3 - TurboHud : Diablo 3 Submissions

Posted: March 20th, 2013, 8:11 pm

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I found this really nice HUD for D3.

I'm not responsible for any damage in case you get banned because you are using TurboHUD.
TurboHUD clearly violates the TOS and EULA of Diablo 3 by reading its memory!

Lowering the risk of getting caught
- rename TurboHUD.exe to anything (I don't write any example here, because half of the people would use the example...)
- rename TurboHUD folder to anything
- NEVER put TurboHUD into Diablo III's folder

What TurboHUD does:
- paints on a simple always-on-top GDI+ transparent window (it's not working in "Fullscreen" mode, only in "Windowed" and "Windowed (Fullscreen)")
- reads Diablo 3's memory:
- actor, acd information (the monsters, items, objects, etc in game)
- your stats, experience, gold amount, etc
- some selected UI objects (BattleTag label on top of the friend list panel, inventory panel, stash panel, etc)
- note: technically this HUD is able to read the login email and password UI objects too, but it doesn't do that.
- your BattleTag through an UI object

What TurboHUD doesn't do, and will never do:
- write Diablo 3's memory
- change any of Diablo 3's files
- inject something into Diablo 3's code
- modify the DirectX surface of Diablo 3
- collect/log your keystrokes and/or mouse events
- emulate keystrokes and/or mouse events
- show other players in PvP

The primary goal of this HUD is...
...giving you detailed information about your farming statistics, drops, and help you to optimize your paths, habits, builds, etc. This HUD is NOT made to give you advantage over other people, nor to automatize anything you are doing.

The Future
Please don't forget that this project will broke after almost every Diablo patch until new memory addresses, structures and other minor/major changes are revealed and coded by me. There is a chance that Diablo's memory will change in a fashion I can't or don't want to handle. There is no guarantee for anything.

Showing it off:

Download LINK

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Posted: April 1st, 2013, 6:39 am

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very very tempting do we have any yays? anyone try this out yet? im always terrified im gonna get hit with a banwave months down the road after putting in a bunch of work using something like this thinking its safe enough to get away with..... then i wont like being stripped nude of my game lol

On a side note heres a lil rant...

i dont get why bliz would ban us for this and i honestly hate developers not letting the players play the game the way they wanna play it, what ever happened to the good ole days of having a cartridge you blow on when it isnt working and slapping it on another cartridge so u can cheat and have more fun after beating a game, or just so u can get past something that you know you wont ever bother with.

Were the gamers, the games are for us, not for the devs to ruin as we sit and pout because its not our game....

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Posted: April 1st, 2013, 6:07 pm

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From what I understand, nobody has been banned for this yet. And it doesnt offer any information that you dont/cant get by looking at the monitor.

But yea I havnt tried it yet..

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