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HappyAuction D3 Hack : Diablo 3 Submissions

Posted: April 1st, 2013, 6:26 pm

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- UPDATE: updated for patch
- FIX: fix getting stuck at user profile upon AH relogin
- DEV: improved patch update instruction comments in Trainer.cpp for those willing to hack things on their own

- FIX: issue with haSellIterate/Cancel getting stuck. hopefully the problem i found was the same reported
- FIX: red gem DPS calculation not including %Damage bonus to red gems. this fix is locale specific and only supported by enUS/GB so far.
- FIX: failing to read certain item stats such as those found at the end of "The Three Hundredth Spear"
- FIX: double combobox string limit from 64 to 128 allowing some long name locales to work correctly. this applies to most haFilter* functions.
- NEW: haSetLoginReset(enable): enables script to restart upon relogin. This will also make relogin faster.
- UPDATE: SnipeBuyout.lua: added buyout safety prompt so newbs dont lose all their $$$
- UPDATE: support for new gems/values.
- UPDATE: renamed LogResults.lua to LogAuctions.lua
- README: updated recommendation for VSYNC to be ON. sorry for any issues caused by this

TODO (in order of priority):
- FIX: fix rare purchase of wrong items (need to reproduce)
- FIX: fix life steal not parsing as a decimal value on non-english clients
- NEW: expose send-to-stash list details including type, success, expiration time, and haItem() support
- UPDATE: make item.hash more unique. add dps/ar and more of stat text
- UPDATE: relogin: cancel bot execution if relogin issues an account security popup
- NEW: GAH/RMAH swap support and additional RMAH support. fix reported issue with decimal numbers.
- NEW: add regex replacements to various string functions like haItemStat
- NEW: doc/reference.html. move readme.txt script reference here
- NEW: doc/tutorial.html. a noob tutorial for noobz :)
- NEW: add sample script to buy cheap legendaries
- NEW: prevent user intervention or halt bot if user intervenes.
- NEW: support search for similar items (right click item in stash)
- NEW: add timeout(function, milliseconds)
- NEW: add functions to return current sort state
- NEW: add haGetRegion
- NEW: add socket/gem support for locales: Korean, French, German.
- NEW: expose more manual control of search list (page prev/next, item count)
- NEW: add more UI features: ability to add buttons to popup (allow for a bot launcher)
- NEW: allow HA to operate as admin while D3 process is regular user
- UPDATE: reduce CPU usage

HappyAuction is a C++ open source LUA scripted Diablo 3 auction house bot.
Major features supported:

- LUA functions exposing key AH operations
- Works with D3 window in background (see NOTES)
- Several sample bots included
- Multiple client support
- Multiple language support (english, russian, chinese)

Happy botting! :D

1. Run bin/HappyAuction.exe
2. In Diablo 3 visit the auction house
3. Hit CTRL-F12 to start/stop the main script (SnipeBuyout bot by default).
The taskbar icon will change color while script is active.
4. Edit bin/Lua/Main.lua to enable other sample scripts.

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Posted: April 1st, 2013, 6:27 pm

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Sample script:
-- get user buyout
local buyout = haFilterBuyout()

-- check input
if buyout <= 0 then
   haAlert('Set some filters and a low buyout')
   while true do
      -- update buyout with randomize
      haFilterBuyout(buyout, true)

      -- search and select first item in list
      if haSearch() and haListSelect(1) then

         -- do buyout

HappyAuction v37

HappyAuction is a C++ open source LUA scripted Diablo 3 auction house bot.
Major features supported:

- LUA functions exposing key AH operations
- Works with D3 window in background (see NOTES)
- Several sample bots included
- Multiple client support
- Multiple language support (english, russian, chinese)

Happy botting! :D

1. Run bin/HappyAuction.exe
2. In Diablo 3 visit the auction house
3. Hit CTRL-F12 to start/stop the main script (SnipeBuyout bot by default).
   The taskbar icon will change color while script is active.
4. Edit bin/Lua/Main.lua to enable other sample scripts.

- SnipeBuyout:  Traditional buyout bot that will buyout loop first item.
- SnipeDps:     Will buyout loop first item if when desired DPS.
- LogAuctions:  Sets filters and scans all results logging all items to a file
- LogSelling:   Logs your
- LogStash:     Logs all items in your stash. Includes item sell example.
- BestMojo:     Finds the highest damage mojo.
- GemMiner:     More complex and useful bot that scans multiple searches for
                cheap listings with expensive gems.

- The PAUSE key will pause/unpause a script. See HOTKEYS section to change.
- HappyAuction can run with D3 in the background (not minimized) IF you start
  a script with D3 already in the background. The only exception is if you
  use haStash* functions which always require D3 in foreground.
- Interacting with D3 while a script is running is not supported and can
  cause unintended script operation.
- Performance depends on your FPS and network latency.
- Enable Video/vertical sync.
- Disable Video/Letterbox.

- Hotkeys and PauseKeys are configured using bin/Settings.cfg.
    - This file is generated the first time you run HA
- The hotkey format is MOD.KEY or KEY. Examples:
    HotKey1=C.F12       first instance hotkey set to CONTROL-F12
    HotKey2=F11         second instance hotkey set to F11
    HotKey3=CS.NUM0     third instance hotkey set to CONTROL-SHIFT-NUMPAD0
- Supported Modifiers:  A:ALT, C:CONTROL, S:SHIFT, W:WINDOWSKEY
- Supported Keys:       0-9, A-Z, F1-F12, NUM0-NUM9, PAUSE
- HappyAuction must be restarted (right click taskbar icon) to update hotkeys

1. Edit settings.cfg and add a new hotkey for the 2nd D3 client (see HOTKEYS)
2. Have 2 D3 clients running with both at the auction house
3. Hit the configured hotkeys like you originally would a single one. They
   will each run bin/Main.lua independently for each D3 instance.
4. The taskbar icon should contain a "2" indicating two sessions are running.
5. Use haGetInstance() or haGetAccount() to distinguish clients. The
   following example will run Bot1 in user1@gmail.com's client and Bot2 in
   user2@gmail.com's client:

   if haGetAccount() == 'user1@gmail.com' then
   elseif haGetAccount() == 'user2@gmail.com' then

- HappyAuction uses the following "human like" methods to reduce detection:
    - Random delays between actions (simulated mouse clicks/keyboard keys)
    - Random buyout adjustments
    - Positioning of mouse clicks is randomized by a few pixels
    - Sent input is minimized. It's mostly mouse movement for a search scan.
- HappyAuction uses the following measures to interact with Diablo 3:
    - Win32 Messages: To send keyboard/mouse events
    - Read Process Memory: To determine item values such as DPS and armor
    - Write Process Memory: Yes it's safe because only text/data memory is
      altered, not instruction memory. It's used only to set the filter
      combobox values and clear item tooltip state.
- The following is recommended to reduce chance of ban:
    - Include additional delays with haSleep() and haSetGlobalDelay()
    - If you do not use delays don't run scripts too long
- Note that no matter which AH bot you use you WILL get banned IF you spam
  the AH 24/7. No bot, including HappyAuction, is 100% safe even if they're
  completely invisible to Diablo 3 client side. Use at your own risk.

- If you are new to LUA visit: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/ . There really
  isnt much to learn to operate this bot besides loops if statements and
  some basic operators.
- The main entry script is Lua/Main.lua.
- Always check function return status! Yes they can fail sometimes like when
  normal operation is interupted by some battle.net error. In which case use
  haSetLogin to enable automatic relogin.
- Always test new scripts without haBuyout or haBid to avoid losing gold. I
  use haAlert in their place to show a popup when a buy/bid would occur.
- Use haSetGlobalDelay() to slow everything down (fastest by default!)
- If functions are ever deprecated they will remain available for several
  updates before being removed permanently.
- If using unicode text save your script file in UTF8 format (most text
  editors should support this)

- haBid() -> status
- haBid(bid) -> status
    Bids on current item and sets an optional bid price.
    - bid:      your max bid price.
    - status:   true if successful

- haBuyout() -> status
    Buys out the current item. Use with caution!
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterBuyout(amount) -> status
- haFilterBuyout(amount, randomize) -> status
- haFilterBuyout() -> amount
    Sets or gets the buyout amount filter. Randomize will pad your buyout with
    an additional 5% unique random value over your buyout to avoid cached
    searches. It's necessary to use this option when calling haSearch more
    than once per minute (unless Blizzard changes this) or you'll get old
    search results.
    - amount:       buyout amount. -1 to clear.
    - randomize:    if true adds small unique random value to amount.
    - status:       true if successful

- haFilterChar(id) -> status
    Sets character filter.
    - id:       substring identifier of secondary item type.
                example: 'doc' will match 'Witch Doctor'
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterLevel(min,  max) -> status
    Sets item level filter.
    - min:      minimum level. -1 to clear.
    - max:      maximum level. -1 to clear.
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterPrimary(id) -> status
    Sets item primary filter. For automatic method see haFilterType.
    - id:       substring identifier of primary type. example: 'Off-Hand'
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterRarity(id) -> status
    Sets item rarity filter.
    - id:       substring identifier of rarity. example: 'rare'
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterSecondary(id) -> status
    Sets item secondary filter. For automatic method see haFilterType.
    - id:       substring identifier of secondary type. example: 'Quiver'
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterStat(index, id) -> status
  haFilterStat(index, id, value) -> status
  haFilterStat(index) -> status
    Sets item preferred stat and minimum value filter. Not specifying id
    and value will reset this filter to None.
        haFilterStat(4, 'Critical Hit Chance', 60)
    - index:    specify which of the 6 stat filters to use. range: 1-6
    - id:       substring identifier of type. nil to clear.
                example: 'level req' will match 'Reduced Level Requirement'
    - value:    minimum value for this filter. range: 0-999. -1 to clear.
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterStatClear() -> status
    The equivalent of calling haFilterStat(index, 'None', 0) for each preferred
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterType(id) -> status
    Sets secondary item filter. Unlike haFilterSecondary this will
    automatically change any dependencies. Example:
    will also set character to 'Wizard' and primary to '1-Hand'.
    NOTE: Will only work with English locale
    - id:       substring identifier of secondary item type.
                example: 'voodoo' will match 'Voodoo Mask'
    - status:   true if successful

- haFilterUnique(name, row) -> status
- haFilterUnique(name) -> status
- haFilterUnique() -> name
    Sets or gets legendary or set item filter.
    - name:     string idenfiying a legendary or set item. '' to clear.
    - row:      optional row number of popup to click. range: 1-5
    - status:   true if successful

- haListIterate() -> status
    Iterates through the entire search results list selecting every item
    until it reaches the last item of the last page.
        -- will buyout every item found
        while haListIterate() do
    - status:   true if successful

- haListAt() -> [row, page]
    Returns current list position
    - row:      current list row.
    - page:     current list page.

- haListSelect(index) -> status
    Selects the current item given a row index from search results.
    - index:    index of item to select. range: 1-11
    - status:   true if successful

- haSearch() -> status
    Hits the search button.
    - status:   true if successful

- haSortBuyout() -> status
    Toggles "Buyout" column sorting order
    - status:   true if successful

- haSortDpsArmor() -> status
    Toggles "DPS" or "Armor" column sorting order
    - status:   true if successful

- haSortTimeLeft() -> status
    Toggles "Time Left" column sorting order
    - status:   true if successful

- haSell() -> status
- haSell(starting) -> status
- haSell(starting, buyout) -> status
    Sells currently selected stash item for the given starting and optional
    buyout price. Typical reason for failure due to auction limit reached.
    - starting: optional starting price
    - buyout:   optional buyout price
    - status:   true if successful.

- haSellCancel() -> status
    Cancels the last auction selected by haSellIterate().
    - status:   true if successful.

- haSellIterate()
    Iterates through each of your selling auctions (auctions tab).
        -- will cancel all auctions expiring in less than 12 hours.
        while haSellIterate() do
            if haItem().rtime < (12 * 60 * 60 * 1000) then
    - status:   true if more remaining.

- haStashAt() -> [column, row, bag]
    Returns current stash position
    - column:   current stash column.
    - row:      current stash row.
    - bag:      current stash bag.

- haStashIterate() -> status
    Iterates through each slot of each bag in sell/stash. Assumes user owns
    all bags but will work regardless.
        -- will sell every stash item with over 20 intelligence for 1000/2000g
        while haStashIterate() do
            if haItemStat('Intelligence').value1 > 20 then
                haSell(1000, 2000)
    NOTE: D3 window must be in the foreground to use this function.
    - status:   true if successful

- haStashSelect(column, row, bag) -> status
    Selects the current stash item given a column, row, and bag index. This is
    a manual alternative to haStashIterate() which also affects current stash
    position. For example haStashSelect(1,1,2) will cause haStashIterate() to
    begin at bag 2.
    NOTE: D3 window must be in the foreground to use this function.
    - column:   column index of stash item to select. range: 1-7
    - row:      row index of stash item to select. range: 1-10
    - bag:      bag index of stash item to select. range: 1-3
    - status:   true if successful

- haSendToStash() -> status
    Sends completed items to stash. Fails if nothing to send. example:
        while haSendToStash() do end
    will send every completed item to stash.
    NOTE: this function will NOT fail if your stash is full.
    - status:   true if successful.

- haItem() -> item
    Returns information about the last selected item. Values will be 0 if no
    item is selected. Some values may be 0 if not in the right context such
    as buyout on an item in your stash (if using haStash functions).
    - item.name:    item name
    - item.id:      a unique id for this auction
    - item.hash:    a unique hash for this item. similar to id but available
                    outside auction context such as stash items.
    - item.ilevel:  item level
    - item.rarity:  item rarity. legendaries will be 'set' or 'legendary'
    - item.type:    item type. example: 'Helm'. this may not work for all
                    locales. in which case look at item.heading instead.
    - item.heading: the tooltip rarity and type text seen below its name
    - item.dps:     DPS (damage per second derp)
    - item.armor:   armor
    - item.cblock:  shield block chance
    - item.mblock:  shield block min
    - item.xblock:  shield block max
    - item.aps:     attacks per second
    - item.mdamage: min weapon damage
    - item.xdamage: max weapon damage
    - item.cbid:    the current bid price as shown in item list. this will be
                    less than mbid if there are bidders, otherwise equal.
    - item.mbid:    the max bid price as shown in bid button/input box.
    - item.buyout:  the buyout price or 0 if there is no buyout
    - item.rtime:   auction remaining time in milliseconds.
    - item.xtime:   auction expire time in UTC seconds.
    - item.stats:   a list of stat objects containing:
        - text:     stripped stat text from tooltip. example:
                        if tooltip is:      '+295 Minimum Damage'
                        stat.text will be:  'Minimum Damage'
        - value1-4: stat values. for most stats only value1 will be used.
    - item.sockets: a list of socket objects containing:
        - text:     gem stat text. example: 'Dexterity'
        - gem:      gem type. example: 'Topaz'
        - rank:     gem rank. example: 14 for Radiant Star
        - value1-4: stat values. for most stats only value1 will be used.

- haItemStat(pattern) -> stat
- haItemStat(pattern, substring) -> stat
    Convenience function for looking up an item stat quickly. Item stat text
    searched is from item tooltip. This will always return a stat object and
    will contain 0 values if the matched stat is not found.
        if haItemStat('dexterity').value1 > 200 then
            -- item has stat with over 200 dex
    - pattern:       pattern to search stat text. matched from beginning.
    - substring:     do substring search instead of matching from beginning.
                     range: true/false.
    - stat.text:     stripped stat text from tooltip
    - stat.value1-4: stat values. for most stats only value1 will be used.

- haGetAccount() -> account
    Returns the account name of the logged in account. Like haGetInstance()
    this is useful to identify the D3 client in a multiple client setup.
    - account:      active account name

- haGetGold() -> gold
    Returns your total gold balance.
    - gold:         gold balance.
- haGetInstance() -> instance
    Returns a client instance number to distinguish one client from another
    when running multiple D3 clients. The instance number will match the
    hotkey number found in bin/Settings.cfg.
    - instance:     Unique from 1 to 32.

- haLogout()
    Forces a logout. This will trigger haSetLogin() if it's enabled. Combining
    this with haSetLoginDelay() is a good way to have your bot "cool down"
    once in a while to reduce risk of detection... assuming input limit errors
    aren't forcing you to logout already.

- haSetGlobalDelay(delay)
    Adds a global delay to every future action taken. This includes delays
    not available to haSleep such as the individual actions taken by
    haBuyout. The actual delay will be a random amount between delay
    and 2*delay. Useful for slowing your script down to avoid input limit
    errors and being detected. Default value is 0.
    - delay:    delay in milliseconds. range: 0-60000

- haSetLogin(name, password)
    Enables automatic relogin. If a disconnect error occurs will attempt to
    relogin, restore state, and continue script. see example in Main.lua.
    Setting a delay is suggested to reduce detecion.
    - name:     account name
    - password: account password
    - delay:    optional login delay in milliseconds. default: 0

- haSetLoginDelay(delay)
    Adds a delay to the relogin sequence. Delay occurs at login screen before
    user/password is entered and again upon each failed attempt. Setting a
    delay is suggested to reduce detecion.
    - delay:    login delay in milliseconds. default: 0

- haSetLoginReset(enable)
    Tells the relogin sequence to restart the script instead of attempting
    to continue. This will also make relogin faster since it does not require
    state to be saved/restored.
    - enable:   true to enable this option. false to disable.

- haAlert(message)
    Opens popup message with specified message. This halts the script and
    persists until user hits OK button.
    - message:  message string

- haBeep()

- haConsole()
    Opens a console window allowing standard io functions to operate.
        print("hello world!")

- haExec(command) -> output
    Calls any system command. This can be used for anything from calling an
    external database or running another bot. Caution should be taken when
    using someone else's script which could contain a nefarious haExec.
        - will show a popup containing the HappyAuction directory:
    - output:   command output. up to 64k characters.

- haLog(message)
    Writes a message to the User#.log file where # is the instance number.
    If you are not using multiple clients this will be 1.
    - message:  message string

- haPrompt(message) -> status
    Like haAlert but with a YES/NO buttons.
    - message:  message string
    - status:   true if user hit YES button

- haSleep(delay)
- haSleep(low, high)
    Delays execution for the specified time.
    - delay:    delay in milliseconds
    - low:      random delay minimum.
    - high:     random delay maximum.

- haUpTime() -> time
    Get current system uptime.
    - time:     time in milliseconds

HappyAuction is under the strict "do whatever the **** you want just dont
blame me" license. Break these rules and I'll sue your neckbeard off!

bin/        Build output and everything you'd find in the binary release.
build/      Project files. Open HappyAuction.sln with Visual Studio 2008 or
            higher then build/run.
docs/       Nothing useful here yet :)
source/     The source code! HappyAuction is a combination of 1 executable
            and 3 library packages. Ignore HappyMemory: It's temporary code to
            help me with stuff where Cheat Engine falls short.

- The primary code is split among the following files/classes:
    - HappyAuction/Core/Script:
        LUA to C++ adapter layer
    - Diablo3/Core/Game:
        Common game methods independent of specific area of D3
    - Diablo3/Core/AuctionInterface:
        Auction house specific methods
    - Diablo3/Core/Trainer:
        All D3 process interaction and memory discovery. This is the file to
        update after a patch.

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