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Sept. 3rd Liquid Karma deadline : Guild Wars 2 Discussions

Posted: August 22nd, 2013, 5:34 am

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Recap: On August 20, 2013 A new patch bringing us Clockwork Chaos was released. Besides giving us the new chapter of the Living Story, there were other changes.... the one that caused the biggest furor was increasing the base amount of Karma by 50% in the consumable Karma items, BUT removing karma modifiers which could increase the amount of Karma by 95% (plus account bonuses) which was 45+% more than the new amount which could no longer be modified.

The GW2 community expressed outrage and it was refreshing for a game dev team to acknowledge a mistake and then implement a way for players to have a choice within hours of the mistake...

SO hoard consumable Karma at your own risk! Urge your guild to manufacture +15 Karma modifiers and make it an evening event so all members can use.....


Clockwork Chaos Release Notes by The Guild Wars 2 Team on August 20, 2013 https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/cloc ... ase-notes/

The amount of karma granted from consumable karma items has been increased.
Karma boosts no longer affect the amount of karma gained from consumable items.

from: Karma hoarding - wanted warning about change
https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/g ... out-change

Game Director

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This is totally our fault, we dropped the ball on this plain and simple. We planned to have this messaged ahead of time to be fair to everyone, communication broke down between those who knew it was supposed to be messaged, and those who were supposed to message it and it simply didn’t happen.
As game director this is ultimately my fault first and foremost, and I’m sorry for those who potentially lost some karma as a result. It is our policy to message these kind of changes ahead of time with lots of warning, I’ll do everything possible to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.
I’d recommend not using your karma consumables yet, give us a day or two to try and see what options we have available to help mitigate the issue.

from: Karma Changes: Temporary Rollback
https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/i ... y-Rollback

Regina Buenaobra
North American Community Team Lead

(!empty($user->lang['QUOTE'])) ? $user->lang['QUOTE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'QUOTE'))):
Hi everybody,
Today we made adjustments to karma where the amount of karma granted from consumable karma items was increased and karma boosts no longer affected the amount of karma gained from consumable items.
We intended to message this change ahead of time to be fair to everyone, however this did not happen, and we apologize for not giving you advance notice.
The lack of advance warning resulted in some people losing out on karma that they would have otherwise gained by using boosts with the karma they’d saved up.
We will be temporarily rolling back the karma change in a hotfix to allow people the opportunity to turn in their karma with any buffs they intended to use. This temporary rollback will be in effect until the game update on September 3.
Please note, while this temporary rollback is in effect: the in-game text for the karma consumables booster found on the Gem Store will incorrectly state that it does not affect karma gained from consumable items.
We will also be reimbursing the people who used their karma during the period when the initial change was in effect with as close to the correct amount of karma as possible.
We’re really sorry about the frustration this caused and we will make every effort in the future to make you aware of changes like this ahead of time.
about an hour ago


Karma consumables
Karma consumables can be obtained by completing the daily and monthly achievements for Jugs of Liquid Karma, from some chests, such as boss chests in dungeons, and from the Lost Orrian Jewelry Box sold by some karma merchants. They are sometimes also obtained during special events.

Current Karma amounts pre Sept. 3rd

Sonic Periscope Audio Log 100 Karma
Drip of Liquid Karma 100 Karma
Drop of Liquid Karma 400 Karma
Thimble of Liquid Karma 700 Karma
Sip of Liquid Karma 1,000 Karma
Taste of Liquid Karma 1,700 Karma
Karma Gift Box 2,000 Karma
Vial of Liquid Karma 2,500 Karma
Swig of Liquid Karma 3,000 Karma
Gulp of Liquid Karma 3,500 Karma
Flask of Liquid Karma 4,000 Karma
Jug of Liquid Karma 4,500 Karma
Refugee Child's Drawing 5,000 Karma
Encrypted Thank-You Letter 5,000 Karma
Keg of Liquid Karma 5,000 Karma

Karma modifiers

(modifiers will no longer work after Sept. 3rd)

There are several ways to increase the amount of karma earned from any source, including karma consumables.

Karma Bonus 50%
Karma Booster 50%
Communal Boost Bonfire 50%
Kite Fortune 50%

Guild Karma Banner 5% (Does not stack with other guild banner effect.)

Guild Karma and Experience Banner 5%

Guild Heroes Banner 10% Does not stack with other guild banner effect.

Guild bonus +15% Karma for 24 hrs (Karma consumables are affected even though the description suggests otherwise.)

Nourishment: Ice Cream or Kralkachocolate Bar 5% (Only one food buff may be active at a time.)

Karmic Infusion 15% Bonus active while equipped

Account bonus: Achievement rewards Varies Permanent bonus based on achievement points

Total +95% With account modifiers, this total can be increased further.


NEW UNMODIFIABLE KARMA AMOUNTS (permanent after September 3)

A Drip of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 150 Karma.png when opened.
A Drop of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 400 Karma.png when opened.
A Thimble of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 1,000 Karma.png when opened.
A Sip of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 1,500 Karma.png when opened.
A Taste of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 1,700 Karma.png when opened.
A Vial of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 2,500 Karma.png when opened.
A Swig of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 3,000 Karma.png when opened.
A Gulp of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 5,250 Karma.png when opened.
A Flask of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 4,000 Karma.png when opened.
A Jug of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 6,750 Karma.png when opened; it is given as a reward for completing daily and monthly achievements.
A Keg of Liquid Karma is a consumable that provides 5,000 Karma.png when used.

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