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August 2010 Contest - Free Membership For A Year : Site News - Page 4

Posted: August 22nd, 2010, 1:17 pm

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1* no problem

2* no problem

3* more guides would be nice, more guides means everyone can find what he need or get response on what he need!

4* no, I haven't used it yet, as I simply haven't noticed it I'll probably start to do so though, sounds interesting.

5* Maybe a IRC for each game? people can talk, discuss make friends. over the chat

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Posted: August 23rd, 2010, 1:26 pm

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1. the left screen is good

2.keep the width max its perfect.


4. i never used the news i dont have a reason to use it

5. MAybe more customization able preferences for your profile like being able to set it to link to your favorite games and stuff like that.

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Posted: August 23rd, 2010, 6:06 pm

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1. The left side suits the site fine it gives it a nice clean look.

2. This is fine considering removing this would probaby cause more problems then what it was intending to fix.

3. I would have to say bots because most people are wanting to jump straight to end game content in games so they can skip the boring and frustrating levels to reach end game content.

4. No i havnt visited the news section because i havnt noticed it and i am fairly new to the site in saying this it looks like a great way to give information to the members on the site about whats happening on taultunleashed and the changes to your programs.

5. Some thing extra would be a section dedicated towards members who dont pay a subscription to the site just some thing that will keep members interested in taultunleashed and even make some consider to move on to paying a subscription.

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Posted: August 25th, 2010, 4:54 am

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.5 Can you please add "view newest posts" option to each game category or add the last post date back each sub category.
I don't enjoy filtering through the "view posts since last visit", or having to click each sub category to see if anything new has been submitted.

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Posted: August 25th, 2010, 6:27 pm

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1. No problems
2. Prefer Max Width
3. More cheats
4. I usually skip gaming news, rarely read it even from game start menus, for the games I play.
5. Make Free, the sections for games which you no longer cover or have had no new guides, cheats, nor bots/game hacks for at least 6-12 months. Guides and exploits over 6 months won't likely work anyways. It's a good way to build up more people posting, and you can always make it paid later if the section starts up again. Also, won't cause people to be upset when they pay for access to the forums for a game, which is dead on this forums anyways.

Close forums for games which closed down. ie Matrix Online, Stargate Worlds, etc

Check all the links on the left side under MMO Full List, to make sure they link to the forums, not the Sell page for that game, ie EVE Online.


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Posted: August 26th, 2010, 10:23 am

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1) I like it the way it is.

2) I prefer fixed width.

3) BOTS!!!....FFXIV is coming out soon ;-)

4) I didn't but do now...I didn't know bout them.

5) More detailed information for free users about what the paid services provide. It's still a little vague. In-depth training videos on how to use the bots.

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Posted: August 30th, 2010, 9:50 pm

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:arrow: 1. I think the off centered main page is different, however I personally am very structured and find the centered main page more appealing visually.
:arrow: 2. The max width is very visually aesthetic. i would see no reason to add a crapton of empty space to either the right or left side.
:arrow: 3. If I had to pick one category, it would probably be the bots because they simply please your demographic, particularly because of the sites origins being the exhume software. Plus, much of the bot software is the only thing on this website which cannot be googled and having the same pirated guide or cheat pop-up like 200 times. Not only that but the guides which end up posted on this site are usually pirated, and as such you end up having to go to 3rd party sites to download things.
:arrow: 4. Although I have never used the blog site before, I did however go there just now. At first glance, probably the only time i will ever look at it, it has no valuable information. At least no information that was not pulled off some other site that I don't visit regularly. I'd say get rid of it and spend time developing something useful.
:idea: :arrow: 5. HOW TO MAKE TU AS A COMPANY AND RESOURCE SUCCESSFUL : I realize that the goal of any company is to reach the highest amount of customers with the least expense; however spending time, money, and bandwidth on less than useful forums is a completely destructive business plan. I operate under certain assumption that the entire reason for this forum is to offset some sort of loss of customer base. One reason for this loss of customers, without looking at any data, I can only assume is the lack of content for many of the 50ish games which you supposedly offer exploits, cheats, hacks, bots, etc... for. In my foremost opinion many of these games like, Everquest 2, have not been updated in months (and maybe only a few times within years even) and can easily be removed from the roster. Although this may reduce a few new subscriptions, many of these people will only have an active membership for maybe a month. In my case the first time i had my sub it was for one of these neglected games, of course this was when a yearly membership was the current monthly price. Whereas i would pay maybe 2 dollars a year for a dilapidated forum, 20 dollars is completely ridiculous(I know I'm stingy). I say make your mods work and have them delete old forums/strings which have not been used in years, making the programs, cheats, hacks, etc. which do work more easily noticeable. Second, the majority of users who do use this site just use repeated content to enjoy free memberships. I say remove the who free membership for a crappy tip which no one cares about or already knows policy. Third (which is kinda related to #1), I think that this site has lost its innovative appeal to gamers. Whereas the exhume emulation project was the foremost bot program for a while, what is the point of paying monthly for what you can get for free off other forum sites. I don't know about the revenues of your company since it's privately owned, but surely you must have enough liquidity in resources to maybe put some financial backing in to software/research. Frankly, if a site gave me something that absolutely gave me superiority over every other gamer, i would pay like 12-15 dollars per month. But that would require updated software, unlike the current things which this site currently has available which are a bit expensive at what 1-3ish dollars per month. I could easily go to mmowned and get the exact same software for free. Not only that but the devs on other sites are usually more eager to participate, which is why i think that as a website you should be more ready to give developers maybe some sort of reward system.
:arrow: In regards to the visual aspect of the site, there are only 2 things which would really help this site. First, move the legend to the right side. In western countries we read left to right so naturally we have a tendency/custom of having right sided indexes. (this may or may not be true, but I just find a right sided index more natural.) Second, make the index collapsible.

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