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Guild Griefing To The Extreme : World of Warcraft General Discussions

Posted: March 23rd, 2010, 9:30 am

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Found this on another site and thought others would like it.

This is basicly the ultimate grief you can currently cause any of the high-end raiding guild.
It will not get you banned, however you will be hated by everyone across the server when they find out.

-1 level 80 character, preferably a scammed account, since there is going to be alot of hating. This character is going to be locked to ICC10 or 25 so you need to make sure you arn't planning to raid with it.
-A friend of any level who doesn't mind spending some time in a raid.

Her is a step by step guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Target a guild: the guild you are looking to grief needs to be either processing trough the last-of-wing bosses in either normal or heroic ICC.
Also this guild needs to be wiping on: Blood Queen or Proffesor because there is no trash in front of them, I donot know if there is trash before Sindragosa/LK, if there isn't that makes them applicable bosses aswell.

Step 2 : Go to the armory page of the GM of this guild and look in his recent activity log this guide requires the guild to have killed Rotface & Festergut but not Putricide OR blood prince council but not BloodQueen.

Step 3 : Log into the game and do a /who of the guild your targeting, check for members on the armory who have participated in their latest ICC run, again trough the recent activity screen on the armory.

Step 4: Pick a victim, your victim shouldn't be a high-ranked member or oficer but preferably someone low-ranked in the guild who doesn't raid alot, or maybe a trial. Make 100% sure they have participated in the raid and are locked to an ICC25 which has the previous requirements.

Step 5: You need to complete the following steps really quick in order to not arouse their suspicion. You should now get to the entrance of the ICC instance and be very close to it.

Step 6: Invite the targeted member, you can think of any kind of excuse to invite this guy, ranging from fanboism to accidentally inviting him, the point is to have him stay in your group long enough to complete the following steps.

Step 7: Change your group to a raid, make sure the raid is on heroic mode, the raid difficulty can be either 10 or 25-man depending on what format of raid you want to grief them.

Step 8: Promote the guy you just invited into your group to leader

Step 9: Enter ICC and quickly accept the ''there have been bosses killed in this instance do you really want to get locked'' message

Step 10: Leave the group, preferably before your victim gets suspicious.

Step 11: Invite your buddy to your group, convert to raid and enter ICC25

Step 12: Go to the respective end-of-wing boss you had in mind, undress and start pulling him/her causing wipes and loss of attempts.

Step 13: Continue untill they have 0 attempts left, this means they cannot continue in ICC and won't be able to get any kills on end-of-wing bosses

This method was invented by me when I got kicked from my guild and wanted to grief them badly in return, I have been doing this to my old guild for the last 2 weeks and havn't heard anything from them or Blizzard about it.


I am a member of a exploit guild and post it here because i like this site and want to help it.


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