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World of Warcraft Macros | WoW Macros

WoW MacrosWhen it comes to playing world of warcraft you are always looking for ways to help you speed up the games problems. From the problem of grinding for that last bit of xp to hit the next level. To the time it takes to do all your buffs before fighting mobs. To all the debuffs you have to cast before you fight another players in PvP. You are going to need a nice way to help you speed up the problems of the small keystrokes you need to hit in the game. Well thats where using a World of Warcraft Macros comes into play. Using WOW macros correctly can make your game down time reduced to almost zero and here are some ways it can help.

The first major one hast o do with spells. You can create a small macro that will execute a bunch of button sequences by pushing one button. So lets say you have a special combo you like to do when fighting monsters or doing pvp. Well all you need to do is hit that special combination then you will be able to cast that entire spell setup you have.

Another way for World of warcraft Macros might be for crafting items. Maybe you find it a pain to push a few buttons over and over again just to craft a simple item. Well when you make a macro you can have the game do all that mundane work for you instantly. The game will go through the button sequences you want to hit so in turn you wont be forced to waste time on crafting.

Macro sin the game are small commands you want to hit. Now they are not emotes which are actions you can do in the game. But instead they are script files you can do. That’s because world of warcraft uses a special macro tool in the game. You can decide how long the game waits to do things. What items to get out of your backpack. What timers you want for for the delay in casting. What targets you can to select with your macros. You can basically do anything you need to in the game with only a few keystrokes of your own work. If you want a very in depth guide be sure to check out then the wowwiki on WoW macros as they go more step by step on creating and using macros in the game.

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