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World of Warcraft Dupes | WoW Dupes

WoW DupesAt least every MMO player out there has played the world renowned game world of warcraft. Every player as well has at one point wanted to become richer than they where in the game. For the average player gaining tons of gold and items in the game was a very painful chore for them. However for some professional players it was all too easy using World of Warcraft Dupes in the game..

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When you are using wow gold dupes you will be able to instantly have more gold. You can actually double all the gold you are currently carrying on yourself with an easy WoW Dupe. The ways you can do a WOW Dupe in the game comes in a few different forms. The first is WoW dupes through manipulating the servers themselves such as when they shut down in the game. The second is duping from bugging out cheats in the game maybe a flaw in a vendor or a mob in the game. The third if from a hack in the game that will allow you to inject in the server allowing you to dupe items.

When it comes to duping though you need to be careful. World of warcraft dupes are very bannable if caught. While if you find a dupe out when it first starts happening you shouldn’t be banned but if you are caught doing it more at the later parts of its life span then there is a high chance that you will be banned for a day or permanently for doing it. Always be sure to dupe with a test account and wait a day to see if you are caught for doing it. Then you can start doing it with your main account and enjoy gathering a ton of gold.

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