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World of Warcraft Cheats | WoW Cheats

World of Warcraft Cheats

We are going to know tell you a little bit about world of warcraft cheats, however instead of wasting your time actually going through and telling you about world of warcraft cheats we are instead going to give an example of an old cheat we have had in the past and how members used this one and how we have hundreds of these wow cheats on our site.

The cheat is how to exploit the Sons of Hodir and become exalted in one day.

– For this cheat you need to first be level 77 and have the quest Forging An Alliance Open
– Now take the quest and fly to King Jokkum at 65:60
– After that take the quest called “you cant miss him”
– Now fly to Njormeld at 75:63
– Turn in the quest “you cant miss him”
– Now take the quest called “Fight for elementals”
– Complete this quest and turn it in
– Cancel the forging Alliance quest.
– You will now have 350+ reputation.
– Repeat these steps to get 350+ rep every time.

This cheat is no longer working but know you know how the style of exploits in the game work out. Because of accepting the first quest and exploiting the in game mechanics it allowed you to over and over again do a few quests and in turn gain an infinite amount of Rep very quickly in the game. Keep in mind most cheats are this easy if not easier to do in the game. The only thing normally holding you back from exploiting the major in game cheats is the time you have to use them before they are nerfed in the game.

Anyways be sure to check out our World of Warcraft cheats section because it now gives you the ability to have amazing amounts of gold, xp, rep, items, and more in the game, because who wants to waste their time doing the boring grinding parts of the game when you can just use a few simple wow cheats and enjoy all the great end game content.

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