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Posted: April 9th, 2009, 4:11 am

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Hey every1 i really didn't know where to post this so i chose here. I'm not sure if my case was a isolated incident or what but i pretty much got srewed out of $100 because of www.powerlevelings.com i picked the 1-70 package and 1st got a 3 day suspension then an account closure because of them. the package was $62 and my account was $40 because i made a new acct for this reason and upgraded it 2 BC. Im posting this because i like this site and dont want any of its subscribers to go through all the BS i had to. Here is the dialog I had with the support rep when i got the email my account was closed.

Ruth 04-09 03:24:55
my name is ruth I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your question.may I know your name?

You 04-09 03:25:20

You 04-09 03:25:48
I was on here a little bit ago talkin about my account closure'

You 04-09 03:29:21
i was told by you all to contact blizzard saying I had got my account hacked so I gave there admin support a call and told them I had been on a deployment since i am in the air force and gave em a lengthy talk on what happened but they said there was nothing they could do other than refund this months monthly fee =(

Ruth 04-09 03:30:36

u are so capable

You 04-09 03:32:20
so what now?

Ruth 04-09 03:32:31

we can compension u

Ruth 04-09 03:32:36

do u want golds ?

You 04-09 03:34:29
well i wasted the 60 bucks on your services and the 40 bucks i paid for the game and the BC expansion besides i have no other account i could use the gold on

Ruth 04-09 03:36:00

or we can lvl a new char for u from lvl 1 to lvl 55

Ruth 04-09 03:36:03

do u like it ?

Ruth 04-09 03:41:50

we have lvled for to lvl 51 right , and lvl 1 to lvl 51 is $ 33.99 , but u paid us $ 61.99 , so ur rest payment is $ 28 , we should lvl for u tolvl 47 ,but we will compension u to lvl 55 , if u don' t like it , plz just pay another $ 20 . we will lvl the same as u ordered before from Lv1-70 Fast Powerleveling Package

Ruth 04-09 03:42:47

if u don't like to pay again , we can lvl the new char from lvl 1 to lvl 55 , or if u pay us another $ 20 , we will lvl the Lv1-70 Fast Powerleveling Package

Ruth 04-09 03:43:01

u can choose any one u like

You 04-09 03:43:25
i paid for a new account the 1-70 package and the BC expansion so i'm out 100 bucks and a lil upset and all i can get is 1-55 deal? i'm not trying to get all i can from you all i just want my moneys worth or my 100 bucks back. im a pretty laid back and reasonable guy. I'm in the military stationed in italy and theres not much to do around here on the weekdays so i play wow and i havent been able to play it for the last 2 weeks because you all were PL'n it. im upset because in the product description it says it taked 7 days but its been twice as long, i got a 3 daysuspension because of you all and now my account is closed.

You 04-09 03:44:30
and i dont know what account u expect to level any other character on because i dont have 1 and why would i pay you all more money to level a character up when you screwed up this order?

Ruth 04-09 03:45:15

u can make a new account and we lvl for u

You 04-09 03:46:20
are you all gonna give me the money to do that because i dont feel like throwing 40 more bucks down the drain

Ruth 04-09 03:47:24

1 to 55 is $ 38.99 and we need to pay the other fee such as the people who arrange the order for u and the equipment and time ,it is $ 15 ,if u want to refund , we can refund u $ 10

You 04-09 03:48:52
lol so outta the 100 bucks or even 62 bucks you all screwed me on i can only get 10 back.

Ruth 04-09 03:49:19

sorry , we really can afford this

Ruth 04-09 03:49:24

or we give u 1000g

Ruth 04-09 03:49:32

or we lvl a new char to lvl 55 for free

You 04-09 03:51:33
i seriously cant believe this i'll be sure to let every1 know how excellent of a service you all run and how proffesional it's representatives are.

Ruth 04-09 03:54:04


You 04-09 03:54:25
you all r a joke i was being sarcastic

Ruth 04-09 04:01:54

sorry , i am not

You 04-09 04:03:11
can i get a refund back on what i payed 4 please.

You 04-09 04:03:49
if u cant afford it u should of not got my account banned

Ruth 04-09 04:05:27

sorry ,we can refund u $ 10

Ruth 04-09 04:08:57

we can send it to ur paypal email

Ruth 04-09 04:09:00

is it ok ?

You 04-09 04:15:54
no thats really not ok i paid $62 if i still had my account and character i would not be upset. But i dont have either and im out $100

Ruth 04-09 04:18:54

i am so sorry ,we really can't afford it

You 04-09 04:21:22
i just want something that is fair and my moneys worth. 1000g or a new lvl 1-55 isn't fair at all seeing how i paid for a 1-70

Ruth 04-09 04:24:31

what do u want us to do for u ?

Ruth 04-09 04:24:49

or we give u a new account $ 40

Ruth 04-09 04:24:55

do u like it ?

You 04-09 04:30:26
what about a 1-70 on a different account? which is what i payed for in the beginning. i think that reasonable

Ruth 04-09 04:33:02

u can make a new account first , then pay for us $ 20 ,then we will lvl it from lvl 1 to 70

You 04-09 04:36:56
why do i have to pay more money! what about the 100% satisfaction guarantee it says on your site? i'm getting real tired of saying the same things is there some1 else i could talk 2?

Ruth 04-09 04:39:02

sorry , every one is the same , we really can afford so , i am so sorry about this

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Posted: April 9th, 2009, 7:51 am
daddy cool

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lol she is a !@#$%^&*. bad luck dude

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Posted: April 15th, 2009, 1:00 pm

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ouch! thanks for the warning, i will pass this out to my guildies!

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Posted: July 12th, 2009, 9:28 pm

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Most, if not all, of these power leveling services use leveling bots that run 24-7 to level your character. It's bound to get suspended/banned.

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Posted: July 13th, 2009, 11:44 am

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Yea there are only a few that dont. Your best bet is to just have someone powerlevel you which sucks but its the best way.

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