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Watch Out For Email Scams : World of Warcraft General Discussions

Posted: December 9th, 2008, 12:09 pm

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Here is a big one people are using on others

C+P from another site

I thought i'd come up with a twist on the modern, email security exploit scam.

Required Items:

-Fake Emailer-
-Victim's Email-
- Social Engineering/Good Grammer-
(Word is your friend!)

Ok, so here goes, it's a twist on the security scam, and requires you to go to a emailer site, and create a legit sounding Blizz email, (don't no reply cause the have to reply!)

Find your victim, now preferably don't choose an 80 with some T6 gear, raiding Naxx and what not, but rather some nooby 71 with !@#$%^&* greens.

This way, it would seem more legit, and with a higher chance of them falling for it.

Now, the fun part comes from the fact that, instead of saying you've been comprimised, you say you've been choosen out of the select few, to test out new Blizzard content! ( They feel special :P)

What this means! (Your Letter to Victim)

From: JefferyG@blizzard.com (Development Team)
To: <victim>@hotmail.com
Subject: Pre-Beta Tester Invite

Dear, <victim's email>,

Blizzard is already commencing work on a new expansion, with new content. This project is extensive and we need the help of our community to make it a success. We have currently developed content, and more coming underway. We have selected you, to be one of Blizzards official Pre-Beta Testers.

We request your information, to verify and register, your Account to one of our Pre-Beta Test Servers, which will allow you to try out the new content and report any bugs to us.

Please Note, you are of the select few who has been chosen, along side you, only 14 others from your server have been selected, please take note of this.

This is the Account form, which you are required to complete.

Account Name:
Email Address:
Security Question:

The thoroughness of this template is required to ensure, Blizzards security as well as yours.

By completing this registration, you will be entitled access to new content and Blizzards Private Testing servers.

You are in no way, forced to accept this offer, but by not completing this form, we will remove your Account from our list.

If you choose to participate in our Pre-Beta Testing, a confirmation link will be sent to you, notifying you of this.

After these steps are complete, please allow us, 1-2 Days to verify and input your information, and set up a character on one of our Pre-Beta Servers for you.


Development Team – Testing Manager


I am a member of a exploit guild and post it here because i like this site and want to help it.


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