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WOW Guides - Getting The Alliance Merrymaker Title : World of Warcraft General Discussions

Posted: December 25th, 2008, 9:40 am
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I made this guide earlier today. It's Christmas Eve, and tomorrow the last steps required for the title will be unlocked, so I wanted to lay out exactly how it's done.

This is a guide to getting the Merrymaker title if you're an alliance character. It requires you to get all of the winter veil achievements, and each of those will be discussed here, with guidance for each achievement.


I am going to assume that you are a higher level character. You HAVE to be level 70 or higher to get the title. You also have to have access to Dalaran, although you can get there at a lower level if you can get a mage portal or warlock summon.

Requirements - Before we get started, do this stuff:

A/ You need to get cooking to 325. There's no avoiding this, and it's the most time consuming part of the process. I was doing this on a new character I created for WotLK, so I had to level it from scratch for this title. Ah well, we all have to make sacrifices. I used the guide at Fishing and Cooking 1-450 Alliance - El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW Fishing Guide - this levelled me up to 425 while levelling my fishing. It took a long time because I did fishing too, about a day of playtime is required to fish and cook from 0-325.If you just want to level cooking quickly, follow http://www.mmowned.com/forums/wow-gu...reat-gold.html (Cooking packs, great gold!) by Jaapoor, whose guide includes the stuff you want to level up cooking as fast as possible without fishing.

B/ aquire these items:
i/ 7 x small eggs - The auction house has them, and low level birds all over the old world drop them.
ii/ 2 x Ice Cold Milk - Bought at inns for a very low amount (1s, 6c from Innkeeper Firebrew near the AH in Ironforge).
iii/ 1 x Red Winter Clothes from a tailor, (The mats are 20 x Runecloth, 3 x Woolen Cloth, 2x red dye and a Rune Thread -the last 2 are sold by tailoring vendors).
iv/ 1 x Winter Boots from a leatherworker, (the mats are 1 x copper bar, 4 x xrugged leather, a rune thread and a bolt of woolen cloth).

Step 0 - Throughout the event, there are Winter Revelers in inns all over the world. /kiss them once an hour to receive small gifts. Keep these gifts; snowflakes, holly and misstletoe are all parts of achievements and will be required later. You don't have to complete this step now, just keep plugging away.

Step 1 - Purchase the recipes: Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog and Hot Apple Cider from the vendor. In Ironforge that is Wulmort Jinglepocket, who stands under a cart near the bank. While there accept quests: Greatfather Winter is Here! and Metzen the Reindeer and Stolen Winter Veil Treats. Also buy 7xholiday spices, 2x holiday spirits and 1x sparkling apple cider from these 2 goblins.

Step 2 - Talk to Great Father Winter, who is also just outside the bank. Turn in Greatfather Winter is Here! and accept quest: Treats for Greatfather Winter.

Step 3 - Go to one of the braziers nearby and cook the 5x Gingerbread Cookies, 1 x Egg Nog, and 1 x Hot Apple Cider. That will complete the achievement: The Winter Veil Gourmet. Now hand in Treats for Greatfather Winter.

Step 4 - Fly to Tanaris, and go to 73, 48. You will find Metzen here. Kill the mobs around him and then talk to him. An option in the text offers you the chance to "sprinkle" which you should click. Now go back to Ironforge and turn in the quest. Achievement: On Metzen! is your prize. 24 hours later, you will receive a gift in the post which contains cakes. Keep these!

Step 5 - go to Alterac Mountains - Fly to Southshore and ride from there - and go to 35, 72, turn in quest: Stolen Winter Veil Treats. Accept quest: You're a Mean One. Now find the Abomnible Grinch. He can spawn in several places, and sometimes you have to fight for spawns. You have to suck it up and wait if that's the case. His spawn places are described here (though I've found him in more places than this, too, so run around): Maps - World of Warcraft.

While in Alterac, grab some snowballs from the mounds on the floor, you need 1 for the next step (though you can buy them from the xmas vendors, too).

Step 6 - Fly back to Iron forge. Run to King Magni Bronzebeard. Throw a snowball at him, that completes achievement: Scrooge. Hand in quest: You're a Mean One near the bank and accept quest: A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You! then turn that in at Santa. That completes achievement: Simply Abominable.

Step 7 - Some time after completing the A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You quest, you will receive a reward in the post, roughly 24 hours later (yes, be patient until it arrives). This is a disguide kit, and turns you into a snowman. Go to Dalaran, use this while near another person with a snowman disguise and /dance with that person. This will complete the achievement: A Frosty Shake. You may have to ask in General chat, there'll be someone willing to dance with you.

Step 8 - While in Dalaran, look for an Orc Death Knight, Tauren Shaman, Undead Rogue, Blood Elf Warlock, and a Troll Hunter. Use your snowflakes on them. Keep an eye open for a Gnome Mage, Night Elf Druid, Dwarf Paladin, Human Warrior and Draenei Priest, and do the same. The alliance guys you do just as easily in Ironforge, and only the Troll Hunter and Draenei Priest took a while for me to find. If you miss one or two now, return to Dalaran in a couple hours, and you'll likely find the one you're missing. When you have the set, you'll get achievement: Let It

Tip: If you're really struggling with one, go to that race's home city. You'll almost certainly find one there. If it's a horde class, go to that races starting area (where a new character spawns when it's first made). Eventually you'll find one (though I think sitting in Dalaran is easier, just boring).

Step 9 - Ok, this one is either easy, or the hardest of the lot, depending on what you did before WotLK was released. Active players will have already done Ogri'la dailies. If so, go to 27, 52 in Blade's Edge Mountains and accept quest: Bomb Them Again! Go ahead and do the quest. Before you hand it in, use holly on your mount (you got holly from kissing revellers, remember?) to turn it into reindeer form. By handing it in while on a reindeer, you'll complete achievement: Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la.

If you didn't do the Ogri'la quests before WotLK, you can't do this daily yet. In order to get to this stage you need to do a set of quests starting at the Ogre called Grok who is at 55, 54 in Blade's Edge Mountains. He gives the quest: Mog'dorg the Wizened, which has you talk to a nearby NPC. To do this range of quests, you need to kill some elites, and one of the quests requires a group of 5 characters. Once you have done that set of quests you need to take on quest: Ogre Heaven which leads onto the Ogri'la quests more fully. It's quite a serious chain, but you can do the lot in an hour with a decent and motivated group.

Step 10 - Do the Nexus on normal difficulty. Grand Magus Telestra has a 100% drop rate of a Red Winter Hat. Keep it. Now Buy a Red Winter Clothes from a tailor, (The mats are 20 x Runecloth, 3 x Woolen Cloth, 2x red dye and a Rune Thread -the last 2 are sold by tailoring vendors). Also buy some Winter Boots from a leatherworker, (the mats are 1 x copper bar, 4 x xrugged leather, a rune thread and a bolt of woolen cloth).

Get your Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake which you received in the post after the Metzen quest. Eat it while wearing your new Christmas outfit. You'll get achievement: 'Tis the Season as a reward.

Step 11 - In the centre of Dalaran is a machine which turns you into a winter Gnome. Go use it. Now head to Wintergrasp. Man a cannon and help out in the fight. You need to get 50 honourable kills (not killing blows) while in gnome form, and dying will lose you the outfit. So try not to die. The cannon is the best way to get involved while being less likely to die. Also, if you're a druid, shapeshifting will lose your outfit, so manning a cannon keeps you useful without losing it.

If you die, right click the minimap icon and choose "Leave Battleground". Get a new outfit from nearby, and reenter wintergrasp and you're quickly off again. Dying loses you your outfit, but this way you're quickly back into the fight.

50 kills and you're rewarded with achievement: With a Little Helper from My Friends.

Step 12 - You have 2 sets of mistletoe by now, for a total of 10 or more. If you haven't, you need to do more /kissing,

a/ Go to Goldshire. Find Brother Wilhelm in the Blacksmith, and use the mistletoe on him.
b/ Ride to Stormwind Cathedral and use the mistletoe on Brother Kristoff in the square.
c/ Inside the cathedral, Brother Benjamin is on the right. Mistletoe him.
d/ Brother Cassius is in the right room. Mistletoe the guy.
e/ Brother Crowley is at the entrance of one of the catacombs. Mistletoe the guy.
f/ Before leaving the cathedral, mistletoe Brother Joshua too.
g/ Fly to the rebel camp in Stranglethorn Vale, and mistletoe Brother Nimetz who is in the camp.
h/ Fly to Booty Bay and boat to Ratchet. Then fly to Theramore. Brother Karan is at the caste to the north east where Vimes was when you were questing here. He's outside with all the soldiers. Mistletoe the guy.
i/ Lastly, fly to Desolace. In the inn is Brother Anton. The last guy we need to mistletoe.

That required alot of flying around, I actually found it one of the most fun parts of the winter festival though,. got to see some places I hadn't been for years.

That is Achievement: Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's all tied up.

Step 13 - on Christmas day, and for a few days afterwards, the Christmas Tree near Great Father Winter will have presents underneath which you can open.

Open one of these, and you will get the achievement: He Knows If You've Been Naughty. Probably the easiest of the achievements.

Step 14 - Open all the presents you can, and one will be a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer. This is a toy kart, and when you use it, you can crash it into other people who have theirs. Crash 25 times in this way, and you'll receive the achievement: Crashin' & Thrashin'


That's all the achievements. Doing all of these gets you the achievement: Merrymaker and you've got the title.

I made this guide to put onto a website a friend and I are considering making covering all the achievements. That idea may fall through, you know how you make plans and then don't follow them through. Hopefully you guys at MMOWNED can make some use of it until then.

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