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WOW Guides - [Warrior] Solo Baron Geddon : World of Warcraft General Discussions

Posted: January 27th, 2009, 8:13 pm

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Finally found a way for warriors to solo Baron Geddon in Molten Core and figured I would share it so other people who are bored and/or would like to get their hands on a binding or two could learn how.

Fire Resistance requirements: ~250.
Glyph requirement: Glyph of Bloodthirst.
Talent spec requirements: Bloodthirst. I used this spec, however this isn't written in stone.
Other specs could be just as good or even better, but you'll at least need Bloodthirst since that will be your biggest source of healing throughout the fight.
A bloodthirst with glyph will give you 6% of your maximum health every cooldown.
(2% heal per hit, x3 charges with 5 sec cd, so as long as you're not using a terribly slow weapon you should get the full effect of the healing.)
I did this with a Bloodthirst/Prot spec since I'm a protection warrior so I felt most comfortable with this so feel free to experiment.
Also used a mix of fire resistance and regular tanking gear, was sitting on ~250 resistance and 29k hitpoints. (With Commanding Shout.)

Gear used: Made a template as requested here showing the gear I did it in, high defense is not required because most of the damage you take comes from the bomb when you explode. (~1k-1.3k damage per bomb.)
Stamina being more important than any other mitigation stat (beside fire resistance) since Bloodthirst heal is percentage based.
Wyrmcultist's Cloak is sold in Blade's Edge mountains (just check the wowhead comments if you need directions, better than me copy pasting it here).
You could also grab a "... of fire protection" cloak of AH if there is one up, the high level ones are better than Wyrmcultist's.
Amulet of the Torn-heart is a quest reward from this quest.
Helm, gloves and bracers are craftables from Blacksmithing.
Boots are bought with Badge of Justice from level 70 heroics.
(The gear listed above is definately far from the best fire resistance gear available, some "... of fire protection" pieces are better in some cases, but this was a cheap and quick way for me to get the required fire resistance to try this out and there was no green fire resistance gear over level 60 on AH at the time.)

Bypassing 99% of the trash:
Use the path on the picture below and you'll only have to kill two Lava Surger's and a Core Hound.
(Where to kill Garr is also marked on that map, but assuming everyone knows how to do that since it's so common knowledge.)

As for the fight itself, you'll be fighting him inside the tunnel between the room he patrols in and Garr's room.

(B is closest Garr room, A is closest to Geddon's room.)

When you pull him, run to spot A and stay there as far up against the wall as possible so you don't take lots of falldamage from the bomb.
When he casts Inferno (a hellfire effect) run to spot B, next inferno run to spot A and just keep doing it.
Keep spamming Bloodthirst as soon as the cooldown expire, and try not wasting too much rage on other skills unless you still got enough rage for a Bloodthirst afterwards. When Geddon gets you down to 60-70% hp, use Enraged Regeneration and you should be close to full health again if you're doing it right.
After 15 minutes a Core Hound will respawn, at that point it helps to keep Thunderclap/Demoralizing Shout up and when Geddon casts Inferno and you switch spot it helps to just Bloodthirst and hit the Core Hound while the boss is out of range, just make sure to quickly switch target once Geddon gets back in range.
Be sure to run ~20 yards or more away from him when Geddon got ~20-30k health left, since he'll get mad and try to blow up.
After ~25 minutes the boss is dead, kill the Core Hound and loot.
(No screenshot of a corpse or anything but if it's wanted I'll grab one on my next reset.)

Additional tip/info: If you're having trouble with the pull it might be a good idea to kill one of the lava packs in Geddon's room, if you don't it requires you to pull Geddon perfectly.

Good luck on your legendary luck.

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