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Kinah Guide : Aion - Submissions

Posted: October 25th, 2009, 3:25 pm

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If this topic has been share previously,I'm sorry.If you like this topic,just write yay please :)


My Upload !

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Posted: October 25th, 2009, 9:08 pm

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Aion Kinah Guide – Professions

Whether you are Asmodian or Elysian, there’s one thing you will always be in need of to make it anywhere in this game; Kinah. Just as in real life there are several ways to make a living. This Aion guide will give you some ideas. Some of them take more time and skill than others, but for the imaginative player there are loads of options for making bundles of Kinah.
Here’s a list of possible ways to provide a service to other players and make a profit from it:
1) Aquire low-value Manastones and upgrade them
By use of Alchemy you can turn low grade Manastones into higher grade ones that are more sought after. For example, buying stones that are both impopular and low grade and then turning them into high grade sought after ones using the Manastone Exchange Quests.At the time of writing, the most popular stones are the Attack stones and Critical Hit stones, as well as Magic Boost and Accuracy.
2) Making consumables using Cooking or Alchemy
Because players of all classes need them they are always in high demand. What items you choose to specialize in will depend on two things: The first thing is supply vs. demand. If there are already a lot of players making a certain item, you might not be able so sell as much of it. Also, unless you can get the materials needed for the creation of the item at a lower price than what you sell for, it’s obviously not going to be profitable.
3) Buying when the tax is low
Not exactly a service, but a profitable strategy for any salesman. Be smart and purchase any of the materials you need when the tax is low, and sell when it’s high.
4) Making sought after equipment in low supply
If you keep your eyes and ears open about what players are eagerly looking for, and compare the numbers wanting it with the number of players selling it; you have just found yourself another source of income.
5) Buying lots and selling few for a profit
Certain items are required for quest completion, and then only in small numbers. A lot of players sell huge amounts of items at a time for a bulk price. A player only looking to complete a quest might find it unattractive to buy that many when he or she only needs a few. What you do is, you buy in big quantities, but you sell them piece by piece for a profit. Lets say you bought 100x of something for 100.000 kinah. That’s 1000 kinah a piece… now you go and sell that item for 2000 or maybe even 3000 depending on your competition. Kinah in the bank!
6) Selling equipment that look like better ones
By going to the Abyss and gaining AP, you can then aquire parts of the Green Holyspirit and Evilspirit gear. Now you’re wondering.. so what? Well, their skins happen to look exactly like the strongest level 50 Abyss Gear. And if you exchange skins with other gear, you can then sell that equipment for a higher price. The value for the buyer being that other players might not want to risk attacking him because it looks like he’s got better gear than he actually does.
7) Making more characters for a bigger profit
If you create several characters in the same faction, get them up to level 10 and able to use the Broker, that means you are able to put up more items for auction (10 items per character), and move them around between each other as well. By doing this you accomplish two things; faster income and more inventory storage space. Win, Win.
8 ) Gathering and selling Aether or other needed items
Because Aether is required for producing other things, there’s always someone out there who wants to buy it. Yes, everyone can gather it themselves, but not everyone has the time or energy to do so. That’s where you come in, providing a service. Besides Aether, you can also sell jewels, herbs, and other items used for different types of Crafting. Which ones will have to depend on supply and demand. That’s something you’ll always need to think about no matter what you’re selling.

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Posted: October 26th, 2009, 4:03 am

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At least you can write that was a copy of my topic :/

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Posted: October 28th, 2009, 10:30 pm

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abdoluca wrote:
If this topic has been share previously,I'm sorry.If you like this topic,just write yay please :)


My Upload !

Cheap knock off of this guide:


Huge /nay for simplifying someone else's work and claiming it as your own.

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