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Posted: August 18th, 2014, 4:31 am

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My Site:

RuBot - Aion

Rubot on Facebook

RuBot - Aion Facebook Site

Trial :

RuBot Trial

Download :



PayPal : System runs automatic with PayPal, the other options are manually and therefore might take a bit longer.

Moneybookers : If you can't use any of the above , moneybookers (skrill) will work aswell , but they take extra fees. Just write me a mail to get more information.

Paysafecards : Paysafecards will work as well, however I would prefer the other two options over it. To use Paysafe just head to my site and click on the shop.

You can talk to me in english - oder - in deutsch

Hello everyone,

I thought I might share this bot I found lately. I tested it now for around 2 months on official servers and its a beast - and always up to date.

Major problem is to buy the bot since the creator lives in russia and there they cant accept any paypal or something so its almost not possible to buy the bot in an easy way.

I had few talks with the creator and I am now officially a reseller for rubotaion - so if you are interested in buying the bot you can contact me here.

There is also a Trial so you can check if you like the bot or not - but at the moment its the BEST easy to use bot on the market compared to all others.

Earlier today I tested if the bot also works on private servers ( I tested normal attack route and gathering on infinite Aion) and it works smooth.


  • Radar (Detects hidden players aswell)
  • Auto Quest (Platinum Farming)
  • Game Master warning (Able to activate to quit the game if players / GM's are around)
  • Sound Warnings
  • Gathering
  • Crafting
  • Auto Attack
  • Attack on click (for instances)
  • Start from point standing
  • Start on routes
  • Aether gathering <- WORKS VERY well - made millions with it
  • Different protocol support 2.5 to 4.x
  • Private Server support
  • Russian / Korean / EU / NA support
  • Gameforge AION F2P Support
  • many more....!



Video added 24th of July 2011:

Video added 9th of August 2011:
Aether Farming tutorial.

Video added 11th of March 2012

Video added 24th of March 2012

Video added 3rd of April 2012
(Starter guide in german)

Videos added 27th of April 2012
(How to Gather english + german)

Videos added 2013

Added two new videos regarding songweavers and gunslingers.

25 September 2013



03 June 2014


Aether unbundling script:


[url="http://www.rubot-aion.com/aether.cs"]aether.cs[/url] (Right click , save as..)

Mouse.Set(x, y);

Change the x,y to the location of your aether in the inventory
(you will see the mouse location in script editor )

#Variant2 by Daniil O. (thanks for the share)

(Replace name and ID, can be obtained from database sites / or hover over the item ingame and the script editor will show the ID at the bottom)

while(Player.InventoryContains(152000318) > 0){
Chat.SendMessage("/Use Rich Diamond Ore");


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