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Blizzcon 2010 World of Warcraft Q and A

Here is a great Q and A by blizzard entertainment about some big things to do with world of warcraft.  They are about 5 man teams and battlegroups, races and armor styles, guild merging, and female characters looking more normal overall.  Anyways check out the QandA and see whats going on.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Currently in the game you can use the dungeon finder to put together 5 man teams within a battlegroup, is there any possibility you can revisit that for making raids?
The way we tune our raids demands the players use several compositions, buffs and debuffs represented and it gets pretty hard to apply there, you may not always have the best players with you.

I was wondering if in the future they were any plans to make races across the board more customization, when you place all armor on them they look the same
Currently there aren’t any solid plans but we are tossing around some stuff.

Any plans of adding a guild merging system?
we don’t have any plans for a feature, but merging a guild is easier to do in cata due to the easier interface.

I love what you guys done with wow, I love you have a lot of strong female chars, I wonder if we can have some that didnt look like they came out of victoria’s secrets catalog?
Which catalog would you like them step out then? we feel ya, we want to vary our female chars, so yeah we’ll pick different catalogs

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