» Lineage 2 USA and EU Merging Into One Server A Piece
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Lineage 2 USA and EU Merging Into One Server A Piece

Lineage 2 made a giant annoucement that the NA and EU servers are merging to just one per region.  This means 2 things.  First of all all you people still playing are going to have a giant new server to enjoy with tons of new people.  The bad part is this means that lineage 2 is slowly going the way of most MMOs and its dying to a degree.  If NCSoft did a few lawsuits to shut down private servers it might help the cause but thats about it.

The us servers seem to have five total and eu seem to have 3 total.    This is going to be down to two at the end of the month.  If you want also you can help pick a new server name.  Some big things with the server faq is if you are under level 20 and havent logged into the servers in a year you will be deleted and you can only have a total of seven characters total so if you have more than that you should start deleting toons.


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