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Star Wars The Old Republic Credits | SWTOR Credits

SWTOR CreditsIf you have been playing for one week or since alpha you will need to have money in star wars the old republic. The currency is star wars the old republic credits and they determine everything for the game. From being able to travel around the game, to purchasing weapons, to paying other players to help you. SWTOR Credits is what keeps the economy going and you are going to need to have ways to get them in the game

SWTOR Credit Hacks, Dupes,  Cheats, SWTOR Credit Guides, SWTOR Credit Bots

When it comes to making SWTOR Credits you are going to be doing it from 5 main ways. The first will be with hacks, such as ways to bug the game client to give you more credits than you should by injecting offsets in the game. The second is with dupes where you instantly double the amount of credits you have by finding a flaw in the game codes this could be trading credits right before the server goes down. The third is with cheats such as finding a mob that instantly respawns and drops a ton of credits so you can farm him over and over. The fourth is with Star wars the old republic credit guides such as learning secret farming spots for monsters that drop the best loot that you can trade to other players for tons of credits. The last is with bots such as a farming bot that will play the game for you and farm only the monsters you want it too and loot only the stuff you pick it too loot.

While you have multiple choices for when it comes to getting credits you need to be sure to remember that using some methods of credit farming may get your account in trouble whiles other wont.

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