SWTOR First Full Memory Leveling Bot Released at MMOViper
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SWTOR First Full Memory Leveling Bot Released at MMOViper

MMOViper SWTOR Questing BotHey guys the people over at MMOViper have done once again another worlds first. They have came out with the worlds first SWTOR Leveling Bot. This bot can do anything you need in the game. From killing mobs, to healing itself, to traveling paths you create, and it has a questing feature being added in. The leveling bot is also the first one in the world, this is because no one has been doing this longer than the people over at MMOViper.com

The leveling bot only costs 20 dollars right now with the winter special going on at MMOViper. Also members from taultunleashed.com get a free membership to MMOViper as long as you are premium. This is an even better bonus because not only are you going to get everything taultunleashed has to offer, but you will be getting the bots and radars out there on the market.

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