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Tera Online Bots | TERA Bots

TERA Bots The best way to describe TERA online would be it takes money to make money. That’s because the game has one of the hardest farming times out there. The game while an amazing game in many respects has a very hard grind much like ff14 or lineage 2. If you are going to be forced to earn tons of gold to enjoy the game, then you need to get your hands on some TERA Bots. Professional farmers, PvP players, and the top guilds all use them to help their gold farming in game.

Tera Online Bots such as gold farming bots, questing bots, and leveling bots

So lets go over the 3 major types of TERA Bots out there and what they can do.  The first is going to be a TERA Online farming bot.  This is used to help you earn tons of gold in the game or to help you farm items you are after.  This is probably going to be the number 1 reason for players botting late game, but for new players they are going to be interested in a TERA Leveling bot.  These will actually help your character level in the game.  They do this by either hunting mobs you select or doing quests.  When they hunt mobs you setup all the different variables for the bot, then just let it run.  It will find mobs, kill them, heal you, use selected spells, and more.  Finally you have Questing bots.  These are the type of bots that will run in game quests for you and allow you to either gain extra items, levels, or specific quest items.  Most players use these if they are trying to power level their TERA toon or help level someone else.

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