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TERA online is critically acclaimed to have one of the best questing experiences out there. Many players compare it to a finely tuned version of rift online, wow, and lineage 2 combined. The problem is with any famous game out there you are going to need to find the best way to do certain things in the game. From learning how to farm gold the fastest in the game, to how you are going to complete a certain extra hard quest, to the best way to help you level / find the best items in the game. That’s when you want to start using TERA Online Guides

Tera Online Guides such as TERA Leveling Guides, and TERA Gold Guides

Tera Online Guides are going to be your bread and butter in the game. They will show you everything you could possible need in the game. Here is just one example of what a guide would do for an average player. Lets say you are having trouble on a certain quest. Well with an in depth TERA online guide you will be told where to travel to for helping your specific character prepare for the quest. What players you should and shouldn’t take with depending on the quests. What mobs you can expect to fight. Step by step directions for completing the different parts of the dungeon. And a video guide showing someone completing the entire quest and step by step ways you are doing different things.

The same can be said for using TERA guides on farming gold. Such as learning the best ways to kill high drop rate mobs, special areas that have great mobs to farm, and ways to do other things such as what players are willing to spend a ton of money on purchasing in the game. Or the same can be said for leveling guides. Showing you what mobs to kill to help you level the fastest way possible, what skills to take, and what quests you should take. Tera Online guides are used by pros and noobs alike.

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