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TERA Secrets | Tera Online Secrets

TERA Secrets | Tera Online Secrets

If you have just starting trying to master tera online you have realized then there is a lot of things needed to become a professional player. You need to know all the little ins and outs of leveling int he game world. From the hard in depth dungeons to learning the best ways to farm. There are the best ways to do these and normally only the top players and TERA GMs know about them. These are considered to be TERA Secrets, which show you the underground tricks that give you an extra advantage.

TERA Secrets and TERA Online Secrets such as Tera Gold Secrets and TERA Leveling Secrets

The first major type is TERA Leveling secrets. These are just the best ways to level. So maybe at level 19 you want to visit a specific dungeon to level instead of farming mobs or doing quests. Only a few players might know of this leveling trick. Or maybe the best way to complete a specific quest by making a dungeon boss do significantly less damage to you.

Another example would be tera gold secrets which are the bread and butter of a lot of gamers. Learning how to farm specific items that can be sold for tons of gold, or knowing prime farming spots to earn loot you can sell would be examples of these.

Thirdly we have TERA PvP Secrets. These would be the best ways to dominate for pvp. For example knowing the best ambush spots for killing others in pvp battlegrounds. Or knowing how to get to the enemies main base without them noticing you from taking a special path.

TERA Secrets are in no way frowned upon by other gamers. In fact most gamers hope to learn all the top tera

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