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Worgen Mounts Or Lack There Of Announcement

It has just been annoucned the worgen class will not have thier own mounts but they will hav ea mount racial spell instead.  The spell it called running wild and it makes the worgen drop to all fours so it can run as fast as a wild animal as the spells decription says.
Basically the worgens will be just like any other class with a mount.  This will help wow speed up time in not needed a major mount for the class.  Many fans of the game agree with this change as they felt the worgens who are wolves riding on another wolf seemed pretty stupid in terms of feasibility.  Well apparently blizzard listened some when they did this major change.
We dont have any pictures just yet of the worgens on all four but you can be rest assured you will see a ton of them soon.  Also wow does not intend to make it like plains running which the taurens had.  They want something more original and fits the style of the worgen class.

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