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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Hints | WOW Cataclysm Hints

WoW Cataclysm HintsFor players that have traveled the land of azeroth they have needed help from another at one time in their playing experience. It might of been an npc, or another guild mate, or a random player in the game. Everyone however needs a small hint to help them traverse the game scape and enjoy the game again. World of warcraft hints give you that small hint you need and lets you enjoy the game for everything you fell in love with in the start.

WoW hints come in a few different forms and here are the major ones. The first one is a world of warcraft questing hint. These are small hints in the game to help you complete a harder than normal quest or just finds ways to help you finish fighting an end game mob in a quest. They are considered to be wow pocket quest guides.

The next are farming hints. These are small tricks players use to help them farm in the game. From secret areas for hunting mobs, to tricks to help you get the best gold per hour in the game. These farming hints will make farming the game all the easier.

Third is going to be wow leveling hints. They are tricks to help you get the best xp per hour. They could be mobs you should hunt for great xp, or maybe the order of quests you should take to help you gain the most xp from different quests in the game.

Finally you have wow pvp hints. These are world of warcraft hints that show you the best ways to dominate when it comes to pvp. You’ll find tricks to fighting 1v1 versus players. What the weaknesses of other players are, and the best ways to dominate for battlegrounds in the game.

While hints might not be a full guide they are still the best ways to get you started when it comes to helping you dominate other players, farming gold, leveling, and completing quests in world of warcraft.

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