» World of Warcraft Reaches 12 million players Active Subscribers
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World of Warcraft Reaches 12 million players Active Subscribers

Today blizzard official announced that they have now over 12 million active subscribers.  Most of this is due to china now allowing them to once again sell world of warcraft and allowing them to use the new expansions that have been out in the USA for over a year now.  Also the numbers they say are active subscribers and not just total members that have joined like many people have believed.


Today we announced that World of Warcraft has passed another major milestone and now hosts more than 12 million current subscribers around the globe. Check out the press release for the full announcement, and thank you to all of our players for making this possible — we’re grateful for all of the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown over the years, and look forward to continuing to provide you with great entertainment experiences for a long time to come.

WoW Insider

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