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WoW.com Moving To Joystick.com

WoW.com announced a crazy new update.  They have decided to move back to the old site joystick.com this is believed to be in terms to help the overall company but someone apparently knows littl eto nothing about seo.  Having wow in your sites name is going to be far more useful than having joystick.com/wow/xxx.  WoW.com admins probably think if they have everything at one site its going to help them make more money with advertising but they could not be further from the truth. Yes joystick might be going downhill in users and the majority of wow players are techies, but making wow players go to joystick to get more users is going to hinder not help.  Most of the best sites out there are actually catered to multiple people and not just one person.  So heres to hoping the best for wow.com but expecting them to suffer a ton from this move.


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