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Darkfall Online Speed Hacks – DFO Speed Hacks – Darkfall Speed Hacks

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This blog entry is going to be talking about darkfall online speed hacks. The major speed hack that is going to be talked about is one by mmoviper. This speedhack is something many players have been after. The hack should be released in the next few days and it will allow you to move faster than ever. Also we will answer some questions.

The first one people want to know is if they can be banned for this. Well if you are caught yes you can be banned using the dfo speed hack. However keep in mind you will only be banned as it stands if you are caught by a gm or another player, because as it stands they do not have a method to catch people. However that doesnt mean you should use this speed hack whenever you want and you need to be careful.

The next question most people have about this hack is actually what does it help you in doing? Can you actually attack faster? The answer to attacking faster is going to be a no. However with this darkfall speed hack you can move faster than anyone could do in the game. The best way to use this hack is you can set it to your max run speed. Then just use it and it will seem as if you just have alot of stamina. This is great for pking players. Or set it a little faster than your current run speed and no one can actually be sure if you are cheating.

The final question normally is how much does this cost? Well if you are a member of taultunleashed or mmoviper you will be given a membership for sure. This is great for all. Also starting monday all players will be able to use our automated system to gain premium to mmoviper. Enjoy one of the best and newest hacks out there.

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